Maddie Hanna covers education around the region, with a focus on suburban school districts, charter schools and school funding issues.

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Philly volunteers wanted to spruce up their neighborhood school for MLK Jr. Day. The school district billed them $700

“It’s Martin Luther King Day. Why wouldn’t you somehow want to encourage schools and communities to come together and do something good in your school?” said Kristen McKenna, the president of the Greenfield Home and School Association, calling the charge “just infuriating.”

U.S. Supreme Court hears landmark case over public funding for religious schools. What does it mean for Pennsylvania?

If it rules in favor of the petitioners, “the Supreme Court will be responsible for unleashing a virtual earthquake in this country that threatens both religious liberty and public education," American Federation of Teachers’ President Randi Weingarten said Wednesday.

West Chester wants to win back charter students with its own cyber program, and it’s not alone

West Chester is the latest Pennsylvania district trying to beat back competition from cyber charter schools by offering its own online program, led by district teachers.

A Chesco school district is in ‘a fight for our lives’ as students flock to charters

The Coatesville Area School District is grappling with how to reverse a prolonged exodus of students to charters while facing a gaping budget hole in the year ahead.

Judge orders school districts be notified in ‘momentous’ N.J. desegregation case

The judge also will give the state a chance to present experts to respond to the complaint filed by a coalition of civil rights advocates and students, which alleges New Jersey is maintaining one of the nation's most segregated public school systems.

Preventing the next mass shooting: Secret Service is training hundreds of teachers, cops at Bucks high school

The training at Council Rock South High School was the first in the region since a report analyzing 41 incidents of targeted school violence nationally between 2008 and 2017. It also comes as the state has seen an increase in fighting in schools, and student feeling depressed or threatened.

Philadelphia wants money from Pennsylvania to deal with dangerous asbestos in schools

“We’ve got over $300 million in the state’s rainy day fund. Let’s make it rain for these school buildings, and take some of that money and put into these buildings to fix them up," State Sen. Vincent Hughes (D., Phila.) said during a news conference outside Carnell Elementary Wednesday.

After complaints, Upper Darby revises new sports attendance policy to let public come to games

People not on pre-approved lists submitted by Upper Darby or its visiting teams will be able to attend winter sports games if they are approved by district personnel at the door, according to a new statement from the school district.

Upper Darby restricts access to sporting events after altercation at basketball game

Upper Darby and visiting teams will have to submit names of friends and family members in advance if they wish to attend games.

Two Philly elementary schools to remain closed because of asbestos damage

McClure and Carnell elementaries, closed Dec. 20, will not reopen Thursday or Friday.