Marcus Hayes is a sports columnist for the Inquirer. Hired more than 20 years ago as a features writer, he has since covered the Eagles, Phillies, and Sixers beats as well as Big Five basketball, college football, golf, and the Olympics.

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Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman think they’re sooo smart hiring Nick Sirianni as Eagles head coach | Marcus Hayes

Can you believe it? The Eagles just picked up Frank Reich Lite after hiring Mike Holmgren Lite (Andy Reid) and Andy Reid Lite (Doug Pederson). Hey, wait a minute ...


Dick Vermeil ‘surprised, disappointed’ that the Eagles fired gifted play-caller Doug Pederson | Marcus Hayes

Vermeil tells 94WIP radio that the team would've won the division if not for so many injuries, despite poor quarterback play, and that the coach will rise again, better and stronger.


Josh McDaniels is the best candidate, so the Eagles should hire him | Marcus Hayes

For this roster, I don’t care if my football players feel “seen.” I care that my football players show up on time, show up in shape, do their job, and earn their money.


Eagles’ coaching job isn’t perfect, but it’s not horrible, even with Carson Wentz | Marcus Hayes

Can a talented core, two intriguing quarterbacks, and a passionate fan base outweigh salary-cap purgatory, a spotty draft history, and a petulant, unpolished quarterback?


It sure looks like Carson Wentz got Jeffrey Lurie to fire Doug Pederson | Marcus Hayes

“Carson, to me, is a quarterback that was in many ways elite,” Lurie said. “It behooves us as a team, with a new coach, a new coaching staff, to be able to really get him back to that elite (level).”

The Inquirer’s Flyers and NHL 2021 predictions

Our Flyers reporting team looks ahead to the abbreviated NHL season that's ready to get started.


Blame Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman for the Eagles’ laughable mess, not Doug Pederson | Marcus Hayes

Lurie is putting this top-to-bottom rebuild completely in the hands of Roseman — the architect of this disastrous roster riddled with gargantuan mistakes. Pederson is lucky to escape.

Flyers coach Alain Vigneault calls out Jake Voracek: ‘He has to earn that ice time’ | Marcus Hayes

“I talked to Jake about this. ... Basically, he’s won two playoff rounds. ... Our expectations of Jake are very high. We’re not in this to win one round.”


Carson Wentz’s latest diva move — divorce? — should be ignored by the Eagles | Marcus Hayes

First, a fit over the coach finding a new favorite; then, a relationship "fractured" beyond repair; now, "divorce" is pending. It's like a bad nighttime soap opera.


Doug Pederson’s tank strategy in Eagles’ finale will haunt him, NFL sources agree | Marcus Hayes

“I don’t know how he comes back from this,” one NFL source said after Pederson benched starter Jalen Hurts in the fourth quarter of a suspicious loss that secured the Eagles the No. 6 overall pick.