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Philly had midcentury abstract expressionists, too. Get to know them in Woodmere’s new show.

Sam Feinstein, Quita Brodhead, and other members of the short-lived Group ’55 are in the limelight in the new exhibition.

Visionary who turned down a gig with Miles Davis and pivoted to cardiology (among other pursuits) is subject of Philly ICA show

“Milford Graves: A Mind-Body Deal” wraps its head around the work of the virtuoso percussionist, self-taught authority on cardiology, professor, philosopher, healer, and martial arts innovator.

A glorious Elijah Pierce exhibit at the Barnes Foundation brings us temptation, salvation, grace

The exhibition contains 105 works, most of them reliefs on wood panels. But many of these contain multiple images, so by the time you are finished, there are more stories than you can count.

Big weekend for art in Philly: What to see in museums now, and what’s coming soon

Three big shows open this weekend: Elijah Pierce at the Barnes Foundation, a group show of Philly mid-century abstraction at Woodmere, and ICA’s multimedia Milford Graves exhibition.

This new Philly art exhibit is a grand illusion, showing a world turned upside down.

Using mirrors, artist Samara Golden has transformed an area that’s about the size of a studio apartment into an impossibly large and lofty landscape, littered with fragments of a life.

After 4 months of lockdown, our art critic returns to museums to have his mind newly blown

“Africa in the Arts of Philadelphia,” at the Woodmere Art Museum, is an explosion of life and the perfect antidote to isolation. In Doylestown, both the Michener Museum and the nearby Mercer Museum have new shows, too.

Virtual gallery and museum tours offer art therapy during a difficult moment

Nearly all museums have spent the last couple of decades digitizing their collections, and the amount of art available to be seen online is staggering.

Shows at PAFA — intimate and communal — spotlight two generations of black artists

“Awakened in You” includes nearly all the 78 works, almost all by African American artists of the mid-twentieth century, that Constance Clayton, a life-long educator and Philadelphia schools superintendent from 1982 to 1993 gave to PAFA in 2018.

New Barnes exhibit celebrates an unsung modern art influencer, Marie Cuttoli

The pioneering entrepreneur combined the latest looks in both fine art and fashion with the ancient craft of tapestry-making. She persuaded Picasso, Leger, Miro, and others to design woven works of art.

Art and monuments: At ICA, two Philly sculptors grapple with who gets celebrated

Karyn Olivier is head of the sculpture department at Temple's Tyler School. Michelle Lopez leads the sculpture program at Penn. They both have shows at ICA now.