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The Parent Trip: Nyla and Jordan Ford, of West Oak Lane

Both swear the baby gave side-eye to the medical team within moments of her birth and now, Jordan says, “she’ll roll her eyes if you say something stupid.”

The Parent Trip: Shari and Kodi Almeida of Palmerton

At the five-week ultrasound, the doctor couldn’t find a heartbeat; the couple left with a prescription to end the pregnancy. But Kodi kept counting the days, doing the math, checking his hunch.

The Parent Trip: Latisha ‘Tish’ Johnson of Mt. Airy

The adoption journey affirmed her faith, Tish says, that “this world is good.”

The Parent Trip: Debi Chen-Sloan and Emmett Sloan of East Hempfield Township

After 16 years of trying to conjure a child into their lives, Kyra’s presence felt surreal. “I’d wake up in the morning and think, ‘I’m a mom. I’m a mom?’”

The Parent Trip: Richard Veith of Abington

It took a global village: A surrogacy agency in Boston; the LGBT community center in New York; a fertility clinic in San Diego; an international organization called Men Having Babies.

Navigating postpartum anxiety, depression’s agitated flip-side

The shame that keeps many women from seeking help for their distress is the heart of a new book, “Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts: A Healing Guide to the Secret Fears of New Mothers.”

The Parent Trip: Carrie and Ryan Tobin of Port Richmond

Carrie was morose last Mother’s Day: She wasn’t pregnant, and the world seemed full of joyful women and their children. But the next day, she went to the clinic for a blood test; an hour later, the nurse called with good news.

The Parent Trip: Abby and Jason Deardorff of Royersford

At Abby’s 13-week appointment, the midwife couldn’t find a heartbeat.

The Parent Trip: Elizabeth Catanese of Fairmount

One healthy baby. That was Elizabeth’s mantra for months. And then -- "a two-for-one special."

The Parent Trip: Meridian Lowe and John Lang of Yeadon

"They put her in my arms. I thought, ‘Wow, I am home when I hold you,’ in a way I’d never really felt before.”