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Temple’s defense makes its stand against Maryland, again and again.

“It was the best feeling ever,’’ Shaun Bradley said of the gap that appeared in front of him in the crucial play against Maryland. “Like a kid with toys -- Christmas.”


Chris Boden back at Villanova, from star QB to QB whisperer | Mike Jensen

“I think it brings more to the table,’’ Boden said of his somewhat non-traditional path.


Temple women sound off about the field hockey game they didn’t finish — because of fireworks for football team

“Yeah, I think it’s frustrating — I think that’s the best adjective to use,” said Temple field hockey player Lucy Reed.

Temple field hockey game at Kent State stopped before it’s over due to pregame football fireworks

Temple’s athletic director termed it all “simply unacceptable.”

Two strokes, heart blockage, five knee surgeries: West Chester football coach Bill Zwaan’s offseason of medical hell | Mike Jensen

As up-front as ever, Zwaan said, "I’m excited to be alive right now." West Chester hosts Bentley Saturday in the season opener.


New Villanova QB Daniel Smith, grad transfer from Campbell, is more than meets the eye

“I like to think I have a better arm than people would think just seeing me walk around,’’ Smith said. “I’m not a huge dude."


Temple’s Anthony Russo brings it all together in blowout of Bucknell | Mike Jensen

“I’ve never been in anything this fast-paced,’’ Russo said. “I think it works to our advantage.”


Temple-Bucknell: An old (really old) rivalry returns | Mike Jensen

Were you alive when they last played?

Kyle Lowry brings the NBA championship trophy to North Philly

A sweet trip down memory lane. But a 10-year-old reminded what the stop was intended to be. Coming back, still worthwhile.


Inside the North Philly basketball league for homeless men: ‘It helps me to realize who I really am’ | Mike Jensen

Hoops for Hope has blossomed this summer after raising $10,000 in seed money. The league helps its participants to “regain a sense of self-worth and self-esteem,” according to its founder, Tori Urban.