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After racist Facebook posts, what should happen next for Philly police? | Solomon Jones

Desk duty is not enough. The culture of the department must change.


‘You wouldn’t hold an AA meeting in a bar’: Kensington neighbors don’t want a supervised injection site | Solomon Jones

Just days after the Philadelphia primary election, Kensington is in the throes of the opioid crisis.


Johnny Doc’s outsize influence on the mayoral primary | Solomon Jones

Would a Jim Kenney loss move John Dougherty aside and create more opportunities for Philadelphians of color in the city’s booming construction industry?


Synagogue shooting yet another reminder that people of faith must come together | Solomon Jones

Places of worship must guard against dangers that recently have taken lives. Many black churches have known this for some time.


Scam or sheriff’s sale? When a man with a badge shows up asking for property taxes. | Solomon Jones

When the Philadelphia Department of Revenue showed up on his doorstep, columnist Solomon Jones got worried about his house.


Class, like race, shouldn’t decide who gets a voice in the opioid debate | Solomon Jones

In recent weeks, I’ve seen more clearly how class also determines who suffers injustice — especially in Philadelphia's fight over the opioid crisis.


The frightening effectiveness of black sellouts like Candace Owens | Solomon Jones

The New Zealand shooter cited the black conservative commentator as one of his greatest influences.


Note to 2020 candidates: Showing up for today’s black Americans more important than symbolic Selma marches | Solomon Jones

Rather than posing for a photo op in Selma, I want to see our politicians fight for civil rights right now.

Legalizing marijuana won’t benefit people of color | Solomon Jones

People of color would get to legally smoke marijuana, but the bulk of the estimated $581 million in annual state marijuana revenue would go to white organizations instead of the black and brown entrepreneurs who made marijuana a multibillion-dollar enterprise.