At Spotlight PA, I write about programs and policies to help renters, homeowners and small business owners — and whether they are working.

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A business owner’s guide to Pa.’s next wave of COVID-19 relief grants

The aid is targeted at businesses with fewer than 300 employees that have lost at least 25% of their sales as a result of the pandemic.

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New coronavirus grants for small Pa. businesses aim for inclusivity, but can’t track success

Applications open next month for $145 million in state grants for small hospitality businesses, with a significant change by lawmakers intended to ensure the money is accessible to people of color.

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The inside story of how Pennsylvania failed to deliver millions in coronavirus rent relief

A review of thousands of emails obtained by Spotlight PA reveals the program was doomed to fail from the start, depriving desperate tenants of relief as they lived in fear of losing their homes.

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Pa. misses deadline to spend $108M in rent, mortgage relief from CARES Act (from December 2020)

Pennsylvania tenants and homeowners missed out on roughly $108 million of $175 million in federal coronavirus relief because state programs distributing the funding made it too hard to access.

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Thousands of Pa. families face potential eviction come the new year

Hundreds of thousands of families across Pennsylvania could lose their homes in January, after emergency unemployment benefits and federal eviction protections expire and as the state grapples with re

Did you go to Milton Hershey School? Tell us about your experience.

We want to hear from as many Hershey alums as possible to get an in-depth account that we can share with you and our readers.

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Gaping loopholes and vague state guidance leave some Pa. families out of a home despite federal ban on evictions

Whether families get kicked out often comes down to where they live, and which judge happens to hear their case, a Spotlight PA investigation found.

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Court green lights Hershey’s $350 million plan for six free childhood centers around Pennsylvania

The centers will be the first time in more than 100 years that the charity that controls the chocolate giant, with assets of about $14 billion, will help poor children outside of its rural campus.

Court green-lights Hershey’s $350 million plan for six free childhood centers around Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania judge approved $350 million in childhood centers funded partly by Hershey Co. stock dividends.

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Senate GOP halts fixes for Pa.’s troubled rent relief program, surprising even their own (from October 2020)

The state House unanimously passed long-awaited changes, but Senate leadership refused to advance it Wednesday, leaving many landlords and families on the financial brink.