As restaurant critic and Drink columnist for the Inquirer, I cover the culture of Philly food as I chronicle the rise of our culinary stars, the decline of some, and the dramatic evolution of a dining scene that shapes emerging neighborhoods and helps define our region's identity, one plate at a time.

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Long-gone Philadelphia restaurants that Craig LaBan (and our readers) still miss

Including the restaurant that arguably introduced Buffalo wings to Philadelphia.


Where did Craig LaBan eat this week?

Thai sausage, excellent sopes, and Goan-style curry.

Remembering Kamol Phutlek, unsung pioneer of Thai-French cuisine who shaped Philly food history

Phutlek came to Philadelphia in the late 1960s from Northern Thailand with ambitions to become an architect. He fell in love with restaurant work instead.


Where did Craig LaBan eat this week?

A veal sandwich, spicy tuna, and dumplings.

These restaurants almost made Craig LaBan’s Top 25

Plus: 5 restaurants that almost made it in.

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One of Philly's BYOB success stories takes the ambitious next step in Old City.

Forsythia’s RBG&T toasts the famed Justice in a rosy Bluecoat cocktail

Its creator was watching the 'RGB' documentary and coming up with the drink menu for the Old City restaurant when the idea came to her.


Vernick Fish review: Star chef delivers splash at seafood hall for the Comcast generation

Greg Vernick's next act takes a deep dive into reinventing Philadelphia's fish house tradition.


Where did Craig LaBan eat this week?

Craig LaBan is the hungriest, thirstiest, crumb-trackin’ man in Philly. Can you guess from these photos where he ate this week?