Jonathan Lai focuses on voting and elections and uses data to explore those topics, including voting rights, gerrymandering, election security, demographics, voting patterns, and campaign finance.

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What happens if you vote absentee in Pa. and then your candidate drops out?

Once you’ve requested an absentee ballot, you can’t vote on a normal ballot at the polls. That’s a change from the past.

Millions of people can vote but don’t, even in swing states like Pennsylvania. Here’s why.

People who don’t vote are less partisan and about equally split on key issues and on support for or opposition to President Donald Trump, according to a new study.

Jill Stein wants to block Philly’s new voting machines. Pa. says that would cause 2020 chaos.

The former Green Party presidential candidate argued the machines violate a lawsuit settlement requiring voter-verifiable paper ballots for every voter in Pa.

Vote now for Philly’s new ‘I Voted’ sticker design

Voting is now open to help Philadelphia elections officials select the new “I Voted” stickers.

Thousands of Pennsylvanians gave to multiple 2020 candidates. See what that overlap looks like.

As they poured money into Democratic campaigns for president last year, more than one in five Pennsylvania donors gave to multiple 2020 candidates.

Who's winning the 2020 money race in Pennsylvania and by how much

Joe Biden has raised more money in Pennsylvania than any other Democratic candidate for president. But Bernie Sanders is right behind him — and with a totally different path to the top.

What Pennsylvania can learn from Iowa’s caucus debacle

Iowa’s debacle is Pennsylvania’s nightmare. And it’s one that could happen in November, elections experts said, when all eyes are on the critical battleground state.

Jeff Van Drew enjoyed a Trump-fueled cash surge after he switched parties

The congressman from New Jersey will start the year with $1.7 million in campaign cash, driven by a surge of donations from conservative donors.

How does a Republican lead on election night and still lose Pennsylvania? It’s called the ‘blue shift.’

The “blue shift” is a little-known phenomenon that could further complicate the already complex task of declaring a winner in Pennsylvania on election night.

Pennsylvania’s presidential election could be too close to call for days because of a new law

The law makes it highly likely that many, if not most, of Pennsylvania’s absentee ballots will be missing from election night results.