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Trump and his allies tried to overturn Pa.’s election results for two months. Here are the highlights.

There was a lot of noise in the time between Biden winning the 2020 election in Pennsylvania and the final certification of that victory in Congress.

Fact-checking Trump’s false claims about Pa.’s election before his supporters attacked the Capitol

Trump spent several minutes rattling off a slew of false claims about Pennsylvania’s election. Here are the facts.

Republicans in Congress are about to object to Pa.’s election results. Here’s what you need to know.

Congress will convene a joint session today to count the Electoral College votes from the presidential election — with Pennsylvania in the crosshairs.

Everybody wants to change Pennsylvania election law, but nobody trusts each other

Lawmakers in Harrisburg want to change how Pennsylvania elections are run. They just don’t agree on how. Or why.

Here’s the Pa. election lawsuit over mail ballots that could overturn a race — but not the presidency

The fight comes down to just a few dozen votes, but a court decision in a Western Pennsylvania state Senate race could have major impact on future elections.

Trump campaign brings new U.S. Supreme Court challenge over Pa.’s election

The challenges center on decisions the state Supreme Court made over how and which mail ballots are counted.

10,000 Pa. votes are in limbo. They won’t change the outcome. They could still have a huge impact.

Late-arriving ballots remain excluded from Pennsylvania’s certified presidential vote tallies, and are not counted as part of Joe Biden’s 81,000-vote victory. But their fate has other implications.

Pennsylvania’s electors cast the state’s Electoral College votes for Joe Biden

It’s normally a procedural footnote, ceremonial and largely unseen. But this year, Trump’s attempts to challenge Biden’s election at every level have put the day in the spotlight.

It didn’t need to take that long: What Pennsylvania’s election could have looked like with earlier counting

There are multiple reasons the full picture of Pennsylvania’s results took longer to emerge than in other large battleground states this year, but one stands out.


The Philadelphia suburbs were the key to Joe Biden’s Pennsylvania victory. Here are the numbers.

Biden’s victory margin was 105,000 votes better than what Hillary Clinton amassed in 2016. That was more than enough to offset the gains Trump made in smaller counties across the state.