I cover issues related to rights and explore our changing understanding of them. Topics include freedom of expression, gerrymandering, and digital privacy and security.

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Philadelphia’s new voting machines had a mostly smooth start. Now for the big test.

Election Day in Philadelphia last week was fairly normal, even with thousands of new voting machines being used for the first time. Now the big test is in 2020.

Philly hospital patients were missing elections, so students are helping them cast absentee ballots

Pa.’s absentee ballot laws are so restrictive that just a small percentage of voters cast them, and an unplanned hospitalization can leave voters disenfranchised. Jefferson students hope to counter that.

Voting rights groups question Philly’s polling place changes

Polling place changes can confuse and ultimately disenfranchise voters, the groups warned.

Extending Pennsylvania’s voter registration deadline in 2020 could disenfranchise people, election officials warn

“On such a short deadline, there is a real risk that they don’t even get processed,” said Philly’s elections chief.

Joe Biden in Fla., Pete Buttigieg in N.Y., Bernie Sanders in Ore.: Who’s winning the big-money race in each state

To get a sense of how that money is distributed, The Inquirer broke down large-dollar donations by state to get a sense of regional strength and, in some cases, geographic fund-raising strategy.

How Cory Booker found a cash lifeline for his flailing presidential campaign

But the campaign is still spending money faster than it can bring it in.

Joe Biden’s big-dollar fund-raising is starting to slip in Pennsylvania

Biden’s strategy, focused on using high-dollar fund-raisers to rake in money from donors who can cut big checks, has continued to pay off in Pennsylvania. But it's also starting to show its limitations.

Pa.’s election system is on the verge of the largest changes in decades — in time for the 2020 election

Gov. Tom Wolf and Republican lawmakers agreed to fund voting machines, expand ballot access, and remove straight-party voting.

These six charts tell you how Pa. voters feel about gerrymandering (Spoiler: They oppose it)

About two out of three voters say political maps should be drawn by independent commission.