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Coronavirus: We want to help answer your questions

The Inquirer wants to help you navigate these confusing times. What questions do you have?

Voting by mail is a safe option during coronavirus. Here’s what you need to know about absentee ballots in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Voting by mail is likely the safest way to cast a ballot during the coronavirus pandemic. Any registered voter in Pennsylvania or New Jersey can vote absentee. Here's what you need to know.

Can I get the coronavirus from mail or food delivery? The risk is tiny, and you can make it even smaller.

Can I get the coronavirus from the mail or from food or grocery deliveries. The risk is small. And there are steps you can take to minimize that risk even further.

Your coronavirus questions answered

In the Philadelphia region, there’s a lot happening — and changing — quickly with coronavirus. And you have a lot of questions about what to do now, and how to stay safe. Our reporters have tracked down answers to your questions, to help us all get through these difficult times.

What if someone in my house is sick? How to protect your household during coronavirus

Monitor the health of everyone in the home, minimize contact, disinfect regularly, and wash your hands often.

Mike Bloomberg goes from presidential big spender to deadbeat loser, for some staffers

Bloomberg promised to pay his presidential campaign staffers through the November general election, even if he didn't win the Democratic nomination. Then he laid everyone off last week.

Pennsylvania House unanimously backs proposal to delay the 2020 primary due to the coronavirus

The legislation also allows a consolidation of primary polling places and makes other changes.

Pennsylvania governor, lawmakers in talks to postpone primary to June 2 because of coronavirus

The primary would move to June 2 from April 28 under the proposal being considered.

Should the Pa. primary be all vote-by-mail because of coronavirus? Officials disagree.

Elections workers would have to suddenly conduct an entirely new type of election, and voters would have to know what’s going on and be willing to vote by mail.