I cover issues related to rights and explore our changing understanding of them. Topics include freedom of expression, gerrymandering, and digital privacy and security.

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No, Pa. Supreme Court says, candidates can’t be nominated by multiple parties

A Democratic state representative from Philly had challenged the state’s ban, but the Supreme Court ruled 4-3 to uphold it.

Are Pa.’s absentee-ballot deadlines unconstitutional? What would be the fix? Judges consider whether a lawsuit should move forward.

“Just because our state may not have the best system does not mean we have an unconstitutional system,” a judge said.

N.J. adults say they are more civically engaged than before Trump’s election, but…

“You have a core group of people who are active, who volunteer, who do the work. And that probably has pretty much stayed the same. It doesn’t appear that a large number of more people are doing these kinds of things.”

Judge turns down request to postpone sheriff sales as Philly courts’ systems remain down over malware

“There’s no reason to rush anything for a sheriff’s sale in June when there’s another one coming up in July and another one in August.”

Did gentrification dethrone longtime Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell in West Philly?

Changing neighborhoods mean changing residents, and in West Philly there were clear differences between areas that voted for the longtime incumbent and ones that supported her ultimately successful challenger.

What Pa. counties can learn from voters’ reactions to Montgomery County’s paper-ballot rollout

Some voters were concerned about Montgomery County’s new paper ballots when they voted Tuesday. Here’s how elections officials are responding.

More Philadelphians voted Tuesday than in the 2017 elections or the 2018 primary

Turnout was around 23 percent in Tuesday’s election — better than some elections, worse than others.

Philly primary recap: Results and scenes from the day

Mayor Jim Kenney cruised to reelection over his primary rivals, while the 3rd District race for City Council and row offices featured upsets.

Lisa Deeley and Omar Sabir win Democratic nomination for Philadelphia City Commissioner

Lisa Deeley and Omar Sabir appear to have won the Philadelphia City Commissioners race, a win for the Democratic party establishment.

Elections require poll workers. And there’s a ‘critical shortage’ of them.

Poll workers run election days, but Philly — like the rest of the country — is running short. Experts say that could have long-term consequences for voter participation.