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PSERS and its troubles: A guide to the woes facing Pa.’s biggest pension plan

Here’s a breakdown of the issues facing the $62 billion pension fund for teachers. They include a botched figure for financial performance and FBI questions and subpoenas.

From Hong Kong to Sydney, San Francisco to Zurich, the staff at Pennsylvania’s largest pension fund have run up big travel bills

Investment staff for Pennsylvania's largest pension funds have run up some hefty business-travel bills. Now, the fund is changing how it books trips.

FBI probes Pa. school pensions amid furor over false investment report, sources say

Also on Friday, PSERS said for the first time that it is investigating actions taken by its top staff.

Congress bails out troubled pension plans for teamsters, Acme, carpenters, electricians, and others in Philly area

Democrats tucked into the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill some $86 billion in funding to rescue financially troubled pension plans.

Suspect in the shooting death of a man walking his dog in Brewerytown was freed on bail two weeks earlier

Police arrested 20-year-old Davis L. Josephus in the slaying of Milan Loncar, 25, who was shot Wednesday night.

Trump legal team vows to fight on, starting with fresh lawsuit Monday in Pennsylvania

Rudy Giuliani is promising a wave of new lawsuits contesting Joe Biden's presidential win, starting with one about Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s chief Supreme Court justice faces an ethics inquiry over an alleged racial insult

Pennsylvania’s judicial ethics panel is investigating whether Chief Justice Thomas G. Saylor pressured a grand jury presiding judge and made a racial comment against a former colleague.

Financial salesmen drop fight against SEC move to freeze assets in Par Funding case

The freeze on sales and spending reflects a desire by the Securities and Exchange Commission to make sure that assets are not dissipated in the event it wins a court case in the months ahead.

Pa. Supreme Court chief justice complained about a Black justice and her ‘minority agenda,’ former judge says

Thomas Saylor, the chief justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, complained about the “minority agenda” of a fellow justice, according to a sworn affidavit by a former state judge.

A lawyer was reprimanded for her handling of the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal at Penn State

Pennsylvania’s disciplinary board for lawyers formally castigated a former state Supreme Court justice, saying her legal work in the Penn State child sex-abuse scandal was marked by “incompetence” that violated the rights of top university administrators.