Laura McCrystal covers everything about taxes, government revenue, and how such policies impact people in Philadelphia and beyond. She previously covered news in Montgomery County, including Bill Cosby's trial.

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Setting clean-water standards is the EPA’s job. Pa. and other states are doing it instead.

Pennsylvania is one of seven states pursuing its own clean drinking-water standard in the face of PFAS water contamination.

Philly finance chief defends commercial-property reassessment as $63 million appeal trial continues

Philadelphia Finance Director Rob Dubow testified Tuesday, defending the city's 2018 reassessment that raised $118 million in additional revenue for the city and school district.

Trial opens in one of Philly’s largest-ever assessment appeal cases, with $63 million at stake

owners of 700 commercial properties are attempting to prove to a judge that Philadelphia illegally targeted them in a 2018 revaluation that significantly increased their tax bills.

Hundreds of commercial property owners are challenging Philly’s assessments, with $63 million at stake

Did Philadelphia unfairly target the owners of commercial properties? Or are owners of some of the city’s most valuable buildings simply trying to get out of paying tax hikes? A judge will decide.

As New Jersey debates taxes on Shore rentals, Airbnb says it had record-setting weekend at Shore

Despite a new tax on short-term rentals in New Jersey, Airbnb said it had a record number of rentals at the Shore over Memorial Day weekend.

A nationwide tax on soda? Economists say it would be good for the country, and here’s their ‘optimal’ rate.

The group says its research is the first to weigh several factors, including tax revenues, health outcomes, effect on health-care costs, the impact on low-income residents, and the enjoyment people get from soda.

Philly’s wage tax is the highest in the nation: 'No other jurisdiction comes particularly close'

Philadelphia has the highest local wage tax in the country. Why is that the case, and what could city officials do to change it?

Under Philly soda tax, beverage sales at chain stores in the city dropped 51 percent, new study finds

Total sales of beverages, food, and household products decreased by 8.1 percent at supermarkets after the tax went into effect, researchers found.

For Jersey Shore rentals facing new ‘Airbnb tax,' partial relief may be on the way

A New Jersey Senate committee moved forward a bill that would exempt homeowners from paying taxes on rentals if they deal directly with a client instead of using a website such as Airbnb or Vrbo. Some homeowners have blamed the new tax for depleting their summer bookings.

Thousands of Philly homeowners are still waiting for 2019 assessment appeal hearings — and will be for months

The Board of Revision of Taxes plans to hear about half of the nearly 10,000 appeals by June, and complete the rest by the end of the year.