As a medical reporter, Marie has covered everything from anthrax to zoonotic diseases. Now she specializes in cancer and women's health issues.

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Coronavirus blood test to look for immunity gets a tryout in Chester County

While the approach is promising, the accuracy of such serology testing is unclear. Numerous countries have invested in tests that turned out to be unreliable

New coronavirus tests could be powerful tools to manage the pandemic — if they work

Coronavirus diagnostic testing hasn't stopped the surge. But new blood tests might help fight the pandemic.

Your coronavirus questions answered

In the Philadelphia region, there’s a lot happening — and changing — quickly with coronavirus. And you have a lot of questions about what to do now, and how to stay safe. Our reporters have tracked down answers to your questions, to help us all get through these difficult times.

Why it’s (still) so hard to get a coronavirus test

Demand vastly exceeds supply. Here’s what’s behind the testing bottleneck.

Coronavirus debate: Could blood pressure meds make COVID-19 less — or more — deadly?

The medicines tamp down a hormone that contributes to inflammation. But they also increase the activity of a protective enzyme that may help the coronavirus gain entry to cells in the lungs and other organs.

Philadelphia-area hospitals brace for the coronavirus surge: ‘We are no more than 2 weeks behind N.Y.C.'

For weeks, hospitals have talked about how to provide adequate care even when the flood of patients exceeds the limits of their resources. Tough choices will have to be made.

Math shows the importance of social distancing, and the horrible consequences of not doing it

The surge of coronavirus patients is coming. The way to avoid fueling it is to stay home.

Coronavirus ‘roller coaster’ will last months, not weeks, experts predict

"Normal" life will not resume for a year or more, if experts are right about the staying power of the coronavirus.

From the Inquirer archives: Sprucing up a SEPTA station in Delco

The building's beauty was fading amid the falling plaster, sagging roof and decaying porch.

Coronavirus testing sites draw worried crowds from around the Philadelphia region

Demand for the testing is high, but not everyone who wants a test can get one.