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Kratom products may cause liver injury, new analysis led by Philadelphia physician finds

The research adds to the debate over the risks and benefits of the unregulated, little-studied derivative of a Southeast Asian tree.

Do-it-yourself abortion isn’t driving decline in rates, analysis finds. But that could change.

Online abortion pills are changing the concept of secret, self-induced abortion.

Houseplants do not improve indoor air after all, Drexel study finds

How the myth of air-purifying houseplants grew bigger than a fiddle-leaf fig.

Uterus transplant science advances as Penn joins forces with two leading medical centers

Penn Medicine on Thursday announced it has performed two successful uterus transplants, and has formed a national scientific consortium with two other pioneers of the experimental procedure.

Editing genes with CRISPR to make immune cells attack cancer appears safe, Penn study finds

The first step in human drug testing is showing safety. So far, the first approved use of gene editing in U.S. patients has met that goal.

As children, they survived cancer. They faced the fallout as adults.

Radiation at age 6 saved Michael Schiller from a brain tumor. But it also probably seeded the cancer that killed him 30 years later.

FDA advisors recommend yanking approval of preterm birth prevention drug after it flops in crucial study

Makena is the only drug approved to prevent preterm birth. It's fate is uncertain.

Breast-implant illnesses spark stronger FDA safety proposals; advocates push for more

The recommendations include a “black box” warning — the FDA’s most serious alert — that would caution about the lymphoma and that implants may be linked to chronic symptoms such as fatigue and joint pain.

Opioids are overprescribed for women who have cesarean deliveries

At current prescribing rates, 3,300 new mothers each year will get hooked on drugs that can harm them and their newborns.

Dorothy Kapenstein, 90, Philadelphia schoolteacher and Girls’ High archivist

Dorothy Kapenstein was an educator and "dynamo" alumna of Philadelphia High School for Girls