Normally, I cover cancer, women's health topics, and infectious diseases. Now, one infection, COVID-19, is all-consuming.

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COVID-19 survivors need vaccination, but one shot may be enough, studies from Penn and others show

Past infection doesn't mean protection. The latest findings make it clearer than ever that vaccination is vital to beating the pandemic.

J&J vaccine remains on pause as investigation continues into rare, deadly blood clots

Federal vaccine advisors decided not to decide Wednesday what to do about the J&J vaccine

Scientists race to unravel the mystery of very rare clotting connected with Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Regulators recommended a pause in administering the vaccine, but said a link with the clots had not been proven.

Regeneron’s antibody drug can help prevent COVID-19 from spreading among household members

Monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19 are still trying to find the right therapeutic niche.

COVID-19 vaccination stimulates immune response in seniors, but fails in many blood cancer patients, Pitt studies find

Almost half of the 67 patients with blood cancers did not produce any antibodies. The response rate was even worse in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Immunotherapy may not help certain liver cancer patients, study finds

Advanced liver cancer is notoriously difficult to treat. New findings suggest it's even harder than we knew..

COVID-19 super-spreader event traced to risky behavior in a bar, CDC report finds

The maxim "drink responsibly" takes on new meaning during the pandemic

To reopen faster and more safely, the world needs a COVID-19 test for people with no symptoms. Here are the hurdles.

Rapid, at-home, over-the-counter antigen tests could make COVID-19 screening feasible. Or not.

Worrisome COVID-19 variants are taking hold in Pa. and N.J., threatening the success of vaccines

If you're thinking it's safe to go back to normal, think again. The coronavirus keeps evolving.