Jason writes stories about rural and exurban areas, the places where development meets farmland and farms meet the great outdoors.

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Owner of Pennsylvania’s ‘graffiti highway’ in Centralia shuts it down for good

In 1963, an anthracite seam beneath Centralia caught fire, and it still burns today. For the past 27 years, abandoned Route 61, which runs through the Columbia County town, has drawn hikers, photographers, dirt bike and ATV riders, and teens with a case or two of beer.

With malls closed, the Easter Bunny finds a way

“I’m just trying to get everyone’s mind off of everything else going around us,” said South Jersey photographer Michelle McMahon, who dresses up as the Easter Bunny and greets children from the back of her husband's truck. “Even if it’s five minutes, we need some normalcy."

As people empty out of zoos and sanctuaries, caretakers keep animals’ bellies full while calling for donations

The coronavirus may threaten more than zoo coffers. Philadelphia Zoo CEO Andy Baker said scientists believe primates and great apes could be susceptible. Keepers who work with them are wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

Poconos county becomes a ‘hot zone’ for coronavirus cases

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads throughout the country, the Poconos’ long-standing connection to New York and its place as a vacation destination for people all over the Northeast is causing problems that Northeast Pennsylvania's Monroe County says it can't handle.

Holocaust survivor Anneliese Nossbaum returned to Auschwitz for a final reckoning. It was the last journey of her life.

For Holocaust survivor Anneliese Nossbaum, of Jenkintown, true healing began when she decided in 1971 to talk openly about her experiences in concentration camps. Over the years, she spoke to thousands of students. She died Monday at age 91.

Coronavirus hasn’t hit rural Pennsylvania hard yet, but it’s already causing problems

While lower population density is keeping rural America safer at the moment, spotty internet and cell phone services are just two issues that could make dealing with the coronavirus difficult when it finally arrives.

Pa. survivalists have been prepping for a disaster scenario like coronavirus. Now, many feel vindicated.

"You don’t use toilet paper if you’re out in the woods," said Dan Wowak, of Schuylkill County, a full-time woodsman who teaches survival skills. "Just grab some leaves and wipe your butt. At home, you can cut up old t-shirts. A lot of people just don’t know what to do."

Master of mammals: Pennsylvania taxidermist racking up ribbons

Pennsylvania has approximately 1,500 licensed taxidermists, with tens of thousands nationwide.

Gov. Wolf: Close bars, eat-in restaurants, sports, and entertainment venues in Bucks, Montco, Chester, and Delco

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases rose to 47 Saturday In Pennsylvania, 69 in New Jersey, as officials scrambled to force social distancing.