I write stories about rural and exurban areas, the places where development meets farmland and farms meet the great outdoors.

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Paulsboro’s Your Hometown Deli’s stock gains may resemble GameStop

Paulsboro's Paul Morina, high school wrestling legend, owns the deli. Its high stock price has sparked criticism. “The pastrami must be amazing,” one hedge fund owner wrote.

Pennsylvania’s post-industrial, public steps could use some love and attention

Shamokin's "99 Steps" was built by FDR's New Deal and has been closed since 2008.

At 82, Pa. farrier still teaching students the ancient art of shoeing horses

There's an estimated 28,000 farriers working in the United States today, trimming and shoeing horses.

Pa. pastor says women banned from fishing trip to avoid ‘sexual scandals and accusations’

Emmy Smaniotto was told women couldn't come on the fishing trip because of "sexual scandals and accusations."

As Americans scramble to get vaccinated, many rural, conservative Pennsylvanians feel no urgency

Rural and conservative Pennsylvanians' resistance to COVID-19 vaccination is likely to become more pronounced as younger people become eligible for shots.

Pa. dog wardens, spread thin, are seeking budget increase

The Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement is seeking to increase the cost of a yearly spayed/neutered dog license from $6.50 to $10.

Pa. YouTuber in hot water for driving truck through stream

Michael Hyssong, 30, has 1.4 million subscribers to his automobile YouTube channel.

Women who hike alone are aware of the risks. Please, they say, stop reminding them.

The recent disappearance of a York County woman on a trail has prompted discussions about women’s safety outdoors.

The legend of Pennsylvania’s lost gold lives on as treasure-hunting group pushes FBI for documents

An attorney for two Western Pennsylvania treasure hunters is asking the Department of Justice to released nearly 2,400 pages of evidence connected to the case.

Elk, Pa.’s largest wild animal, have become a tourism boom in the northwest part of the state

Once hunted to extinction, Pennsylvania’s resurgent elk herd now numbers 1,400.