Mike Newall has been writing for The Inquirer since 2010. Originally from Brooklyn, N.Y, Newall graduated from The Catholic University of America. He has been writing about Philadelphia crime, courts, politics, and neighborhoods since 2003. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and dog.

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This Philly block is a window into the city’s battle against gun violence | Mike Newall

It wasn’t the broad-daylight shooting that upended Griscom Street’s rhythm. It was the quiet that came after it.


Independence National Park needs a facelift. Now there’s a GoFundMe for that. | Mike Newall

It's a reasonable $1 million goal, backers say, to fix the most urgent problems in the park.

Penn’s head of counseling and psychological services dies by suicide at Center City building

Gregory Eells, 52, came to Penn six months ago to lead the department that counsels students with mental health problems.


A Philly rugby star overcame a stray bullet. Now the Army won’t have him. | Mike Newall

“I don’t want to close my eyes without seeing what the world is like.”


Philly’s new website for unsolved murders is a grim reminder of the deaths we don’t pay attention to | Mike Newall

Now, at least, there is a place to acknowledge the losses in total. A place where some might be able to get justice.


‘It’s like drowning’: Minute by minute, a physician tells a courtroom how you die from an overdose | Mike Newall

As the doctor spoke, dozens gathered on the sidewalk — people who wished their loved ones could have had the opportunity to take that tiny breath.

An AR-15 was likely used in N. Philly police shooting; officers shot range from rookie to a 19-year veteran

Investigators sought to piece together the most extensive shooting attack on Philadelphia police in decades, while the city, and its elected officials, continued to reckon with an event that stirred raw emotions about how citizens see and interact with officers and the scourge of gun violence.

Alleged Philly cop shooter Maurice Hill worked at Chuck E. Cheese and has a new baby, but also a decades-long history of violence

Maurice Hill was known at times by the nickname “Gruff” and in 2007 frequented the area around the Paschall Projects. His lawyer said Hill had a child just two days ago.


Goodbye and good riddance to the bane of South Philly bikers: The 11th Street trolley tracks | Mike Newall

The Philly Handshake - when new arrivals bite it on the 11th Street trolley tracks - is, mercifully, becoming a thing of the past.


Up in Northwest Philly, ‘these ping-pong games are with bullets’ | Mike Newall

Two meetings. Two neighborhoods. Two glimpses into the reality of gun violence in Philadelphia.