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See you around, Philly | Mike Newall

I’m not leaving Philadelphia, or even the paper. But this is my final column. Thank you for taking this trip with me.


Our new archbishop is a Philly guy — and he’s speaking our language | Mike Newall

In returning home, Archbishop Perez spoke with humor and humility and warmth. Like someone you’d like to get to know.

She took in foster-care kids. He was trying to ‘get his head up.’ Both died after crossing paths with a Philly teen, police say.

The families of Renee Gilyard and Jimmy Mao are reeling, wondering how their alleged killer, Xavier Johnson, was able to get so close to them.

‘I killed a lady. ... I took everything she had,’ teen told friends after killing his foster mother, sources say

New details emerged Thursday as Xavier Johnson was charged with two murders: The fatal stabbing of his foster mother, 64-year-old Renee Gilyard, and the earlier stabbing and beating death of Jimmy Mao, 20, who previously lived with Johnson in another foster home.


Philly deserves more answers on the shiny new plan to stop the shootings | Mike Newall

A version of Focused Deterrence has been sold as a way to curb the killings in Philadelphia. It’s just that no one can say what exactly it will look like.


This couple survived life in a tent on Vine Street. But they couldn’t survive being apart. | Mike Newall

In an overburdened system, housing for homeless couples is extremely scarce.


Hey Mayor: It’s not ‘citywide’ street-sweeping if you exempt some stubborn neighborhoods | Mike Newall

It is a joke that a city buried in trash has so long been denied a citywide street sweeping program.


The differences between Oakland and Philly might be eye-opening for our new police commissioner | Mike Newall

And as an outsider, Danielle Outlaw is free from the bureaucracy and favoritism that can sink a homegrown commissioner. But it’s hard to envy someone coming from the West Coast into a place like Philly, with our numbing level of violence — and the poverty and inequality that shapes that violence.


The rhythms and rush of Christmas in Philly | Mike Newall

It is my special joy to have this conversation about our city with you, all year long. So, allow this to be my holiday card to you.


This Kensington outreach worker saved dozens from overdose. Then the trauma became too much. | Mike Newall

For years, Elvis Rosado has been the heart — and the muscle — of the city’s response to the opioid crisis.