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Waiting for a bus and shot in the leg: A victim tries to make sense of the shooting at Olney Transportation Center

Even if the shooters had a target, authorities believe nearly all of the victims were innocent bystanders. One woman was shot while waiting for a bus to work.

Philly police commissioner defends department’s response to protests following critical report and says she won’t resign

“I have not been asked to resign,” Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said Thursday, “nor will I resign due to the report’s findings.”

Philly police chief sought to use tear gas against protesters as Kenney hesitated, investigation says

The report revealed new details about internal conversations and decisions — especially regarding the use of tear gas.

Authorities investigate their handling of abuse complaints against ex-husband of murdered Northeast woman

In all, according to police records, Coriano had gone to police at least five times in the last three months to report that Adrian Coriano had threatened, stalked or assaulted her.

Prosecutor says ‘balls were dropped’ in release of accused gunman before Brewerytown murder

During a news conference on last week's fatal shooting of Milan Loncar, authorities faced questions about why Josephus Davis — already jailed on unrelated charges — was allowed to go free on Dec. 29.

Philly DA’s Office detective has his gun taken away after saying he’s ‘ready to go to war’ over ‘rigged’ election

A major crimes detective with the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office has been placed on restricted duty for posting that he’s “ready to go to war” over the false claims of a rigged election.

Philadelphia police take Det. Jennifer Gugger’s gun amid investigation of her attendance at the D.C. Trump rally

Gugger, 51, had already been reassigned from her position as a background checker for police recruits.

The Philly detective reassigned for going to Trump’s D.C. rally called Pence a ‘traitor’ after he condemned the violence and an officer’s death

After the detective’s reassignment, Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw is investigating whether any others were at Capitol.

Philadelphia police detective subject of Internal Affairs investigation after allegedly attending D.C. rally

The detective, an apparent QAnon adherent, has been reassigned based on a tip that she attended Wednesday's rally that led to a violent siege of the Capitol building.

Pro-Trump insurrection at Capitol ‘an attempted coup,’ says former D.C. and Philly police chief Charles H. Ramsey

Ramsey said the violence was on ”the hands of President Trump and his enablers," and criticized the Capitol Police for a seeming lack of planning.