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Philly cops are going all out to defeat DA Larry Krasner

The police union’s bare-knuckle campaigning has taken on new intensity against a prosecutor who made a career suing police and is seeking reelection by promising to hold them accountable.

Violent attacks against homeless people have Kensington residents and officials on edge

Some people say they were punched or stomped, or hit with bats and bricks. Others say they were shot with paintball guns and BB guns

Krasner, state officials announce nine arrests in long-running South Philly gang feud

District Attorney Larry Krasner said Thursday that an additional six suspects are being sought.

Philly gun arrests are on a record pace, but convictions drop under DA Krasner

Police are on pace to make 3,000 arrests this year for carrying a gun illegally, a record, but the people charged are less likely to be convicted.

Instagram feuds fueling shootings in West Philly. One claimed the lives of best friends.

Jarell Jackson and Shahjahan McCaskill were killed over a feud they weren't even involved in. It reflects a trend of shootings being fueled by — and increasingly chronicled on — social media.

Waiting for a bus and shot in the leg: A victim tries to make sense of the shooting at Olney Transportation Center

Even if the shooters had a target, authorities believe nearly all of the victims were innocent bystanders. One woman was shot while waiting for a bus to work.

Philly police commissioner defends department’s response to protests following critical report and says she won’t resign

“I have not been asked to resign,” Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said Thursday, “nor will I resign due to the report’s findings.”

Philly police chief sought to use tear gas against protesters as Kenney hesitated, investigation says

The report revealed new details about internal conversations and decisions — especially regarding the use of tear gas.

Authorities investigate their handling of abuse complaints against ex-husband of murdered Northeast woman

In all, according to police records, Coriano had gone to police at least five times in the last three months to report that Adrian Coriano had threatened, stalked or assaulted her.