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Philly police can implement tattoo policy, inspired by officer’s alleged Nazi ink, without involving union

The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board dismissed a complaint filed by the FOP, which argued the department couldn’t ban cops from covering up tattoos without going through collective bargaining.

Mark Sanford kicked off his presidential campaign against Donald Trump in Philly. One person showed up.

“Nobody knows me in Philadelphia. I get it,” the former governor of South Carolina said. “I think in life we all do what we can do."

‘It felt like the world was on fire’: 6 women on what happened in the 2 years after they said #MeToo

The #MeToo hashtag — born in October 2017 after sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein were publicized — in many ways allowed those who had been victimized to reclaim their autonomy.

In the second year of #MeToo, the perpetrator playbook was upended

If the first year of #MeToo was about believing women, the second year might just have been about believing men.

Police are trying to curb mistrust on block of North Philly police shooting. Neighbors are skeptical.

Police are trying to mend their fractured relationship with the community, but plenty of residents say their efforts feel inauthentic.

Is it legal to fire a person for being gay in Pennsylvania? The Supreme Court will decide.

The cases are the first major LGBTQ rights arguments the court will hear since the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who sided with liberal justices in ushering in same-sex marriage.

Menstruation is having a moment: Here comes National Period Day

The event aims to bring awareness to periods as the movement aligns itself with both #MeToo and the broader, largely youth-driven, post-Trump activism energy and push to equate menstrual equity with gender equity.

Union to provide free repairs to North Philly homes damaged in police shootout

The gunman fired more than 100 rounds at police who responded to the standoff.

Council passes bill requiring Philly youth organizations to accommodate trans kids

The bill was passed as part of a broader package of “inclusion” legislation championed by at-large Councilwoman Helen Gym.

Her mentor spent his final years training her. Now, this neon artist is forging her own path.

Domenic Urbani has long been one of the Philadelphia area's most prominent neon benders. Now, his 38-year-old apprentice is carrying on his legacy in a new way.