Anna Orso covers breaking news in the Philadelphia region. She also writes about issues related to women, gender identity and sexuality.

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Feds charge an N.J. anti-vax activist and a correctional officer in Capitol riot

Stephanie Hazelton, of Medford, who also identifies herself as Ayla Wolf, can be seen on video posted to YouTube directing a crowd that was pushing through the building’s West Terrace entrance.

Self-described Haddonfield sex and ‘relationship strategist’ charged in Capitol riot

Prosecutors say Patrick Stedman who bills himself to Twitter followers as an expert in “female psychology,” chronicled storming the Capitol with fellow Trump supporters, then tried to blame antifa.

After insults and fraught politics in Pa., Rachel Levine’s nomination to Biden administration is a ‘new day for transgender America’

Some say Levine never would have faced such a barrage of attacks if not for her gender identity.

South Jersey mom and anti-vax activist directed part of the mob in breaching the Capitol

“More people, we gotta keep going,” Stephanie Hazelton said as she waved people into the West Terrace tunnel, where police were being crushed and beaten.

In Harrisburg and Trenton, ‘a collective sigh of relief’ as few pro-Trump loyalists show up following FBI warning

Law enforcement in Pennsylvania and New Jersey were prepared for violence Sunday, but the streets remained quiet and largely clear of Trump loyalists protesting the election of Joe Biden.

State capitals are preparing for unrest after far-right threats, and residents are dreading it: ‘I feel like I’ve been held hostage’

Law enforcement in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey are bracing for violence following a rare bulletin put out by the FBI Monday indicating armed demonstrations are planned at all 50 state capitals.

Philly Black Lives Matter activists contrast mob response with how they were treated: 'Violence by white folks was met with grace'

Racial justice activists watched in horror but not surprise as loyalists of President Donald Trump destabilized the transition of power in the halls of the Capitol, and most walked out unscathed.

After mob attack on Capitol, Congress and Pence formalize Biden’s win. Trump says ‘there will be an orderly transition.’

Trump, whose Twitter account has been suspended, incited the mob. The outcome was never in doubt, but a huge number of congressional Republicans backed the effort to overturn the will of the voters.

Unemployment benefits expire for a million people in Pa. and N.J. as Trump resists signing relief bill

Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey, a Republican, said on Fox News Sunday that if Trump fails to sign the package, he’ll be “remembered for chaos and misery and erratic behavior.”

Amid COVID-19, Termini Bros. has a plan to tackle its massive Christmas Eve crowds

COVID-19 won't stop South Philadelphians from standing outside in the cold for Christmas cannoli. Some traditions never die.