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Mark Sanford kicked off his presidential campaign against Donald Trump in Philly. One person showed up.

“Nobody knows me in Philadelphia. I get it,” the former governor of South Carolina said. “I think in life we all do what we can do."

As Supreme Court weighs transgender rights, Penn says federal discrimination law doesn't protect trans workers

The claim is directly related to a major case currently under consideration by the U.S. Supreme Court — a case that could, for the first time, protect workers from discrimination based on gender identity.

Philly cops are used to tragedy. But 6 kids shot in a month can crack their ‘emotional shell.’

“You put that wall up that nothing bothers you. But it’s the human part of you that feels it."

What’s the Working Families Party, and how’s it different from regular Democrats?

Will soon-to-be Councilperson Kendra Brooks operate on a different platform than her Democrat colleagues?

Marsy’s Law got wide support in Pa., even though it won’t count yet, and Philly voters approved borrowing $185M for buildings

Philly voters also approved two local ballot questions, including one authorizing the city to borrow $185 million for infrastructure projects.

‘This election is not for us’: Everyone talks politics, but where are voters in today’s election?

“The people who show up for general elections where there’s not a whole lot of competitive races are like the regular church-goers. They’re there to kind of participate in a comforting ritual.”

Marsy’s Law ballot question will appear in Pa., but state Supreme Court says votes won’t be counted for now

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld a ruling that said it would have “immediate, profound, and in some instances, irreversible, consequences on the constitutional rights of the accused."

Storms disrupt SEPTA rail service; EF-2 tornado damages dozens of homes in Delco

An EF-2 tornado embedded within a swath of straight line wind damage hit Thornbury Township during the storms.

Tornado ravages Delco residents’ homes: ‘We just don’t know what we’re going to do’

About 20 people were displaced from their homes in the middle of the night Friday after a suspected tornado ripped through Thornbury Township in Delaware County.

A quiet West Philly neighborhood has had two quadruple homicides in a year

Less than a year ago, four people were killed over a drug dispute in a rowhome basement. On Wednesday, four family members were fatally shot in a home just a few blocks away.