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Reading mayor under fire after calling off LGBTQ Pride flag raising at City Hall

The LGBT Center of Greater Reading called the move "blatant, unacceptable discrimination."

N.J. judge who gave leniency to teen from a ‘good family’ in sexual assault case is off the bench

The chief justice of the state Supreme Court announced judges will get "enhanced training" in sexual assault and domestic violence.

Some use the word 'gentrify' to mean 'invest.' Here's why that's a problem.

The term “gentrification” has evolved into a catch-all for investment, revitalization, and displacement. Depending on who you ask, it’s actually some of, none of, or all of those things.

These Philly pilots fly dogs across the East Coast to save their lives. For free.

“I can literally be the missing link to whether or not an animal lives or dies.”

Immigrants and people of color in Philly area say ‘Go back where you came from’ continues to be hateful and hurtful

“When you’re trying your hardest to fit in, it’s a message that you don’t belong here because of where you come from," said New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, born in Jersey City to Indian immigrant parents. "That cuts deeply.”

Feeling helpless after getting catcalled? In Philly, there’s a training for that.

The training was born out of conversations on social media about a man lurking in Fishtown.

What to know about how Amazon sucks you in on Prime Day (and makes you buy stuff you don’t want)

A mix of creative design techniques, "lightning deals," and a sophisticated recommendation algorithm may make you buy stuff you don't really need -- or even want.

Out of City Hall, Amber Hikes fought for trans folks, LGBTQ people of color — and that flag

She came into the office at a time of turmoil and focused her efforts on bolstering racial inclusion and making the office more intersectional.

A stadium of soccer fans chanting ‘Equal pay!’ feels like a turning point. Will it be?

Even if these world-class athletes succeed in their still-uncertain quest for pay equity, what does it mean for the women who are teachers, police officers, or servers?

N.J. senators file complaint against judge for comments about Eagle Scout status in child sexual assault case

In a letter to the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct, the senators wrote they believe Judge Marcia Silva's conduct could be grounds for removal from the bench.