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Super PAC spending could overwhelm candidate cash in next year’s Philly City Council races

Prepare for big spending from the soda industry and building trades.

Think GOP’s losses in Philly suburbs are Trump’s fault? It’s more complicated.

The suburbs' political realignment is at least two decades in the making.

Could Gov. Wolf, Sen. Casey be V.P. picks in 2020? | Clout

They both won reelection in a critical battleground state by double digits, and carried counties Trump flipped in 2016.

It’s official: Alan Butkovitz is running for mayor of Philadelphia

Butkovitz said Mayor Kenney "has given the back of his hand to poor people" and "managed to antagonize businesses."

Former Nutter aide Peterkin Bell loses board memberships, teaching gig after felony charges

A day after former City Representative Desiree Peterkin Bell was accused of stealing and misusing public funds through a city-run nonprofit, her name had already been scrubbed from organizations where she has been involved.

How Brian Fitzpatrick won in an ‘atrocious political environment’ for suburban Republicans

One analyst called Fitzpatrick's opponent the "worst" Democratic contender in the election cycle.

Pa., N.J. congressional election results: Democrats gain four seats in Philly region

At the same time, Republican Brian Fitzpatrick won a key race in the suburbs.

For once, Democrats think they can pick up seats in Pa.’s GOP-held state legislature

"I would not be surprised if we took double-digit seats," said one Democrat.

What candidates in Pa.’s closest congressional race are telling voters days before the election

The midterm election, Democrat Scott Wallace, is about "that crazy guy down there" in the White House.