Cassie covers cultural trends – from the individuals who set them to the larger social movements that are altering the Philadelphia experience. Quite often, that means zoning in on the real-life impacts of changing expectations for technology and community.

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How does the news really make us feel? This Penn expert looks at how it changes our habits.

“Some of these emotions actually lead to a more political participation, to wanting to do more.”

In one pot, Philly history

For centuries, Philadelphia pepper pot was more than a stew, it was the most popular dish sold on the streets and in taverns. Chefs are reviving the dish as part of West Philly culinary history.

Philly artist Distortedd releases her first sneaker: A spin on Reebok’s Instapump Fury

How a girl with roots in Reading and Philly went from graffiti to four-figure commissions and a Reebok deal.

Camden’s new view: Here are 8 new public art projects coming this summer

“If Camden has a heart, and it has a soul, and if we want to tap into that, you do that through the arts, not through big buildings.”

Do you have a family story about Philadelphia pepper pot soup? Tell us about it.

We'll be turning our attention to the colonial-era soup's legacy. We want to hear about how your family makes it.

How diverse are the Grammys? How gender, race played out over 60 years of award history

A Lehigh professor analyzed 60 years of awards show and U.S. history. Here he explains the music milestones and misses.

An international black dance festival lands in Philly. Here are pro-tips for what to see.

The International Association of Blacks in Dance will be bringing a stacked performance series and a robust line-up of classes.

'Suspiciously nice day' brings record-breaking heat — and concerns about climate change

"A suspiciously nice day," said one person about Saturday's spring-like feel in Philadelphia, where the high temperature reached 67 degrees. The warmest Jan. 11 on record had previously been in 1975.

You can ask philosophers anything at a Philly pop-up booth — at Suburban Station

Got a question? Get it answered by a philosopher at Suburban Station until Saturday.

For one last time, Philly’s combo batting cages/concert venue Everybody Hits packs the house

It’s become a common story: A cherished underground venue pops up in Philadelphia, makes fans and artists gush about the shows and parties there, perhaps even wows visitors with its creative, unexpected reuse of an older location, then later it’s gone.