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Cartoons: Kobe Bryant’s death, memorialized by artists around the world | Perspective

Cartoonists remember Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, who died in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles.


Send cartoons for a special all-cartoon section of the Inquirer

For an upcoming edition of the Inquirer’s Currents section, the paper’s Sunday opinion pages, we’re dedicating three full pages to editorial/political cartoons and non-fiction comics.


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Read perspectives from experts and weigh in on our Inquirer poll.


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What exactly is an op-ed? Our deputy opinion editor explains.

Political cartoon roundup: Trump impeachment inquiry | Opinion

How artists from around the globe weighed in on the Trump impeachment inquiry.


Boris Johnson: Highlights from the Inquirer archives on Britain’s new prime minister | Opinion

On Wednesday, Boris Johnson began his term as prime minister of the United Kingdom. Here, a look back at how the Inquirer has covered his rise to power.


Notre Dame fire: Grieving for the beloved cathedral through the eyes of editorial cartoonists

As the world mourns the loss of a cherished structure, built over centuries starting in 1163, editorial cartoonists put pen to paper to memorialize Notre Dame.

10 cartoons honoring George H.W. Bush’s memory | Opinion

President George H.W. Bush died on Friday at age 94.

Photos of Philly sidewalks blocked by things that are not ICE protests | Opinion

When Kenney campaigned for mayor, he said that making sure that sidewalks aren't blocked "may be the first thing I tackle when I get [to the mayor's office]" and acknowledged that in other cities "construction's happening all over but you never leave the sidewalk."

Stop-and-frisk in Philly: Share your viewpoints with the Inquirer and Praise 107.9

June 10 is the 50th anniversary of the landmark decision in Terry v. Ohio, the Supreme Court decision that legalized the controversial practice of stop-and-frisk.