I cover criminal justice in Philadelphia, including the Police Department, District Attorney's Office, and court system.

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Meek Mill’s lawyers and Philly DA’s Office tell Pa. appeals court that he deserves a new trial

Meek Mill’s legal journey took another step Tuesday afternoon, but it will take time to determine how much closer that step moved the celebrity rapper toward his long-desired goal of removing a decade-old conviction from his record.

Basketball tourney organizer laments mass shooting at Overbrook playground

The shooting at Baker Playground on Saturday marked the second time in a month that an outdoor gathering in the city had been broken up by bullets.

‘We’re becoming uncivilized’: After alleged carjacker’s beating death, Strawberry Mansion residents debate street justice

Philadelphia Police said Friday that street justice should not be tolerated, after they said a 54-year-old man who stole a car with three children inside was fatally beaten by the father and a group of neighborhood men Thursday night in Strawberry Mansion.

Pa. AG Josh Shapiro targeted by demonstrators at Netroots political conference

In particular, the protesters at the denounced Shapiro for what they said was his support of a bill signed into law last week giving Shapiro’s office equal jurisdiction to District Attorney Larry Krasner in prosecuting certain gun-related cases in the city.

Man beaten to death by mob after stealing car with kids inside, police say

The three children in the carjacked vehicle were unharmed.

Joe Biden’s campaign office opens in Philly with a protest, not a party | Clout

Joe Biden’s top secret national campaign HQ was outed by a protest Wednesday. Turns out most presidential campaigns don’t want people to know their physical locations these days.

Could a new Pa. law strip control over gun prosecutions from Philly DA Larry Krasner?

As public debate rages over gun violence, state legislators have quietly passed a law that targets the city, giving the state Attorney General’s Office equal jurisdiction to the district attorney in prosecuting certain gun-related cases.

A police commander in West Philly wants to change how cops interact with residents.

An inspector in West and Southwest Philly has been working to develop police-driven programs in which cops engage with teens at school, connect adults lacking high school diplomas with a GED program, set up SAT tutoring for high schoolers, or host job fairs.

Overbrook man found not guilty in fatal stabbing at Philadelphia International Airport

Kevin Emanuel, 36, was acquitted on all counts after he testified at trial that he had acted in self-defense.

Gritty’s Philly Pride Parade mix-up; the FOP flies ads for a new DA | Clout

The police union has never gotten along with District Attorney Larry Krasner but this week they took that message to the skies.