I mostly write about work and labor in the Philadelphia region, but also Asians, artists, and nightlife.

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11-month-old baby shot four times in North Philly is in critical condition

The baby was shot while in a car that his step-mother was driving, police said.

This Chinese artist just started his dream project of painting a mural in Philadelphia’s Chinatown

Community organizers hope the mural, located along the walkway of 10th Street Plaza over the Vine Street Expressway, will help bridge the northern and southern parts of Chinatown.

N.E. Philadelphia man who threatened violence against former employer and police found dead

"He made some threats against his former employer ... and said that if the cops try to interfere they would have consequences also and that he would shoot it out with police," Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum said.

2 Philadelphia men killed in Bucks County campground altercation

A domestic dispute during a group camping trip turned deadly early Saturday morning.

Tower Health layoffs deal another blow to Philadelphia’s low-wage health-care workers

Tower Health is eliminating 65 positions across the only two union hospitals in its network — Chestnut Hill and Pottstown.

Workers who clean Philadelphia’s business towers reach new contract with management

Through their union, the workers have been able to transform these jobs into what’s become a rarity: the service job you want to hold on to. They now fear that their employer's recent proposals would chip away at the progress they've made.

‘Their win is our win’: Why some Philly-area workers see the GM strike as their own

As General Motors workers approach one month on strike, the picket line in Langhorne, Pa., turned into a bustling dinner party, full of public supporters who saw their own struggles reflected in the workers.

WHYY has not voluntarily recognized a new employee union. Now what?

Here's what usually happens when an employer doesn't voluntarily recognize a union.

La Colombe CEO said businesses should pay $15/hour minimum wage. But he doesn’t.

Some former workers say that Todd Carmichael’s much-publicized 2017 op-ed was misleading and hypocritical.