Juliana covers what it’s like to live and work in the Philadelphia region, with an eye toward workers, corporations and labor.

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Trash is piling up, but people aren’t blaming Philly sanitation workers

Instead of blaming workers for the trash pileup, many have taken to defending them. It wasn't always like this.

The pandemic has led to an uptick of worker complaints filed with Philadelphia’s labor office

Worker complaints filed with Philadelphia's labor office are on track to double over last year, a new report shows. But it's still low for a city of Philadelphia's size.

Gig workers score a victory in Pa. Supreme Court ruling on Uber drivers’ unemployment benefits

The ruling gets at the heart of a debate that has roiled the app-based gig economy: Are Uber drivers workers at the mercy of a boss? Or are they entrepreneurs who are running their own businesses?

Essential workers running Philly’s Greyhound station are fighting for stronger safety protections

While there’s hand sanitizer in the staff bathroom, there hasn’t been soap in the staff or public bathrooms for about two months, one worker said, despite pleas to management.

Philly’s Black essential workers rally in nationwide ‘Strike for Black Lives’

"People say all labor has dignity. All labor cannot have dignity until all labor affords you a living wage.”

The Philly Zoo built a tortoise shell scratcher, and people like it, too

The video of Tom the tortoise enjoying a scratch is pure ASMR gold.

Philadelphia’s labor movement faces a reckoning over the city’s powerful police union

Unions around the country are grappling with police unions' role in the labor movement. In Philadelphia, most are standing by the police, even as their own members take to the streets to protest police behavior.

He regresado al trabajo y no lo siento seguro. ¿Qué puedo hacer?

Si bien hay medidas de seguridad que los empleadores deben seguir, la implementación de estas pautas no siempre se dan. Si no se siente seguro en el trabajo, su mejor opción es hablar con sus compañeros de trabajo, plantear sus inquietudes a su empleador y pedir mejores condiciones.

Philadelphia hotels are slowly seeing more guests. But workers say conditions aren’t safe.

“We try our best. We try to disinfect everything. But we can’t do it the way we want to because we got 13 other rooms to do.”

Missing jobs data and disputed loan amounts cloud government records on $660B small-business bailout

There are a mounting number of purported errors, mischaracterizations, and omissions within records released Monday on PPP awards, amid calls for greater transparency around the administration’s handling of the $660 billion program.