I mostly write about work and labor in the Philadelphia region, but also Asians, artists, and nightlife.

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A Philly Art Museum curator helped start a crowdsourced list of 2,500+ museum salaries

The spreadsheet, which features salaries from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, as well as from institutions across the globe, are a reminder that museums are workplaces.

For Vietnamese tour groups, Philadelphia is just a lunch stop — at this restaurant on Washington Avenue

Their schedule is simple and efficient: Liberty Bell, carriage ride, and a taste of home at Nam Phuong on the city's Vietnamese strip.

Philly workers who prep airline food vote to join a nationwide strike, but there’s a catch

The workers, employed by LSG Sky Chefs, are fighting for a $15 starting salary and more affordable healthcare, but they're barred from striking by federal law.

Low-wage workers score win with bump in funding to enforce labor laws

The increase was small, but it will allow the Office of Labor Enforcement to hire two more staffers, bringing its total staff to five.

N.J. requires hotels to provide ‘panic buttons’ for cleaners

The law comes after major hotel brands -- including Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt -- agreed to provide the buttons to their workers.

Could Pa. legislate ride-share drivers’ rights? Politicians are hosting a hearing

There's a growing momentum for worker-oriented ride-share legislation across the country, with New York City and California leading the way.

Why Vox Media staffers are tweeting real talk to their CEO

Workers — some in Philadelphia — wrote about low wages, salary discrepancies, and being classified as part-timers but essentially doing full-time work without the benefits, among other things.

#OccupyPHA encampment taken down by Philly police

The protesters, who are calling for more accountability and transparency for PHA, especially when it comes to its 10-year, $500 million Sharswood revitalization project, moved across the street.

Anti-union groups are targeting home-care workers nationally, but labor in Pa. has already scored a win

The Trump administration issued a Department of Health and Human Services rule that bans union dues deduction from home-care workers’ Medicaid-funded paychecks.

‘Without culture, you’re lost’: Our Mothers’ Kitchens reclaims black womanhood through food and writing

The project from a pair of "sister-friends" and native Philadelphians is a popup dinner series, a three-day summer workshop for black girls, and an homage to four black women writers.