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Her doc recommended medical marijuana for chronic pain. Then she failed her drug test and Jefferson fired her.

Donna Hudnell's firing is an example of the risks medical marijuana patients face, despite its legal status in 33 states.

These employers got $70M in federal coronavirus bailout money and still laid off 4,200 Pa. workers

The PPP loans were intended as a “job-saving program” for small businesses crushed by the pandemic. Thousands of workers lost their jobs anyway.

‘Avoid terms like white supremacy’: Free Library workers furious over diversity training

Library staff members have been fighting for racial justice for years. This training, they say, was just the latest misstep.

Workers have been fighting for stronger protections for years. COVID-19 made their struggles more dire.

During the pandemic, Philadelphia workers won a slew of labor protections. Will any of it endure?

Stimulus bill poised to send $1,400 checks to millions who were left out of the first payments

President Biden’s $2 trillion stimulus bill, expected to become law this week, is being cheered by advocates who fought to expand eligiblity for the stimulus checks.

The U.S. Senate passed a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill. Here’s what Pa. politicians, advocates think about it.

The bill, which must now be voted on by the U.S. House, includes $1,400 checks for millions of Americans, though it does not include a $15-an-hour minimum wage.

These friends created ‘A Phonebook’ to tell the stories of their favorite Philly businesses

“Shops have special coordinates in the maps of our memories,” said Érica Mukai Faria, one of the artists behind the book.

Fired after organizing, Starbucks baristas turned down a payout and took their bosses to court

The six-day National Labor Relations Board trial offered rare insight into how companies respond when workers protest and organize.

Philly SAG-AFTRA board member resigns after posting anti-Asian meme

Some of the union's 3,000 members in the region were frustrated by the union's initial response to the meme.

Workers sue Society Hill employer, alleging they were fired after raising COVID-19 concerns

It's one of the first lawsuits that cites the Philadelphia COVID-19 anti-retaliation law, which went into effect last summer.