Juliana covers what it’s like to live and work in the Philadelphia region, with an eye toward workers, corporations and labor.

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Could Philly Art Museum scandals spark a union campaign? It’s happened before.

Across the high art world, workers are speaking out about wage inequity and the prevalence of contingent jobs. Some are even unionizing.

Why the most powerful Teamster in Pa. is going up against Hoffa

Bill Hamilton, a longtime Pennsylvania Teamsters leader, says the current administration is no longer working for its members, and the most recent UPS contract is proof.

Philadelphia is one step closer to setting up a permanent agency to protect worker rights

It's the next step in a fight to get the city to ramp up labor law enforcement after passing some of the most progressive worker protection laws in the country.

Philadelphia public defenders vote to unionize

It's the latest in a slew of new unionized workplaces in the city.

How this black UPS worker challenged powerful union leaders in Philly, and won

For the first time in two decades, the 4,500-member Teamsters Local 623 has new leadership. Meet Richard Hooker Jr., the first black man to lead the 101-year-old local.

Philadelphia Defender Association refuses to recognize public defenders union — for now

The public nonprofit that runs the defender’s office has proposed hosting a vote overseen by a third-party, and if a majority of workers vote for the union, it will become official. The union says it is considering the proposal and has also filed for a formal election.

Delaware General Assembly staffers want to form country’s first ‘partisan-inclusive’ legislative worker union

If it becomes official, this effort would likely be the first such union in the country that represents state legislative staffers from both parties.

300 Philadelphia designers disclose their pay for tech salary ‘census’

The Philadelphia Design Compensation Census is the latest sign of the growing politicization of tech workers and the rise of the salary transparency movement.

Philly is now publicly shaming ‘bad actor’ businesses that break the city’s labor laws

The public shaming of employers marked a big shift from the office’s relative obscurity and inaction in previous years.

2020 is set to be a big year for Philly workers. Here’s what to watch for in City Hall.

Two major worker protection laws are going into effect this year, the airport is negotiating its lease agreement with a major employer, and more.