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Front line workers open up about how coronavirus has impacted them

The people too essential to isolate share how their lives have changed since the coronavirus hit — and what scares them about their jobs now.

Terminally ill dogs come to this unusual hospice to live their best lives

At this unusual dog hospice and sanctuary in rural Burlington County, canine names and needs matter much more than case numbers or prognoses.

At 101, this South Jersey preacher-turned-author has plenty of new chapters

When he was 80, he made a bargain with God: “If I could have another 15 years, I’m going to write.”


Hallmark’s bridal ad controversy ruined and then restored my Christmas | Opinion

Hallmark bowed to a right-wing group and removed a commercial depicting a lesbian couple, then brought back the spot after organizations complained. This is good news for a columnist who just happens to be gay and also loves the channel's Christmas movies.

A long-lost postcard collection reunites a South Jersey family with their past

In Delaware, a casual collector of postcards became curious about a 1923 card and decided to look for descendants of the man who had received it. One of the collector's first steps was sending an email to an Inquirer columnist.


Supervised injection sites are enabling, but necessary | Perspective

When I first heard about the notion of a supervised injection site as a way to fight Philly’s opioid epidemic, the approach struck me as hopelessly naive.


Camden loses again in George Norcross and Sue Altman power battle | Kevin Riordan

The hearing in Trenton Monday was supposed to be about Camden. But the city was just a backdrop for a battle between George Norcross and his adversaries, including Gov. Phil Murphy and Sue Altman, a city resident and Working Families Alliance official police forcibly removed from the room.


This boomer is OK with ‘OK boomer’ | Kevin Riordan

A boomer and writer who initially garbled the phrase 'OK boomer' actually comes to understand it.


Farewell, South Jersey — but not goodbye

A South Jersey columnist who began his newspaper career in 1976 — when cut-and-paste really meant something — reflects and looks ahead.