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Activist forcibly removed as George Norcross testifies at N.J. Senate hearing on tax incentives

Sue Altman is the state director of New Jersey Working Families. She was removed from the hearing on N.J.'s controversial tax incentive program.

‘We got an officer down!’: Inside North Philly shootout that left 6 cops shot

The report Wednesday on police radio was urgent, the rushed tone in a cop’s voice hinting at the horror that was to come: “3700 15th, assist the officer. Shots fired, shots fired.”

'The Circle' is Atlantic City's best kept secret

Byron Woodson, 42, explains why Caspian Avenue beach is like home and how "The Circle" is like family.

Charges dropped against Odubel Herrera after girlfriend declines to press charges

Phillies outfielder Odubel Herrera and his girlfriend left Atlantic City Municipal Court hand in hand after a domestic assault complaint was dropped.

Patti LaBelle honored with her own Philadelphia street

The legendary soul singer Patti LaBelle was honored at the Kimmel Center on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 with her own street.

Millennials and Gen Xers on LGBTQ love, marriage, and challenges

A millennial couple and a Gen-X couple talk about dating, coming of age, marriage, and the challenges of being queer.

Brought back to life (twice), Marina Grace pays it forward with a humanitarian fund and award

Grateful to the medical staff who twice saved her life, she now donates generously to those "who do good things."

Phillies opening day

Phillies opening day

Phillies open their season against the Atlanta Braves.

An Italian Market romance: 'She tried to poison me with that meal'

South Philly’s marketplace is the backdrop for Mariella and Lee’s love story.

Philadelphia says goodbye to its iconic 30th Street Station flipboard

The iconic Amtrak flipboard was removed from 30th Street Station after serving travelers in Philadelphia for more than four decades.