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4 more crew members arrested in record-breaking 16-ton, $1B cocaine bust at Philly port

All four people worked aboard the MSC Gayane, the vessel on which federal agents discovered the illicit cargo in seven shipping containers on Monday.

Montco karate teacher admits to sexually abusing students, agrees to 6 1/2 years in prison

Victims of Evan Burgess, 28, reported waking up in hotel beds with their instructor only to find him performing sexual acts upon them, often while other adults slept nearby.

Two charged in 16-ton, $1B Philly port cocaine bust, ‘one of largest seizures in U.S. history’

Two members of the ship’s crew, including its second mate, were arrested. Both men confessed to helping haul dozens of bales of cocaine aboard from more than 14 different smaller boats that approached the vessel while in route from Peru.

After year of scandal, U.S. Catholic bishops approve measures to hold themselves accountable

The measures include a new code of conduct, guidelines for restricting the ministry of retired problem prelates and a new system through which the Church will investigate bishops accused of mishandling abuse complaints or facing such allegations themselves.

Catholic bishops try to police themselves on sex abuse: 4 proposals they’re considering

The hotline is just one of four proposals up for debate this week at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ annual spring conference in Baltimore.

Facing new scandals, U.S. Catholic bishops try again in Baltimore to devise ways to police themselves on sex abuse

Up for debate are new protocols for investigating prelates accused of failing to adequately respond to abuse or, in some cases, of committing sexual transgressions themselves. But passage of the protocols is by no means assured.

Judge Waltman ran his Bucks town like an old-time political boss. He's sentenced to federal prison.

A former district judge who extorted business owners for bribes, boasted of his ability to control the votes of other elected officials, and lorded over his working-class Bucks County township like an old-school political boss was sentenced Monday to 6½ years in federal prison.

Two friends shared heroin in a KFC bathroom. One died, one went to prison. Their families are picking up the pieces.

The prosecution of Emma Semler for her role in Jenny Werstler’s 2014 fatal overdose demonstrates that in the opioid crisis, the line between death and life, victim and perpetrator, can be thin.

Montco woman, 24, is sentenced to 21 years in prison for friend’s heroin overdose death

Emma Semler was prosecuted under a law originally designed to punish drug dealers with stiff 20-year mandatory minimum sentences when their products resulted in the deaths. But her lawyers argue the statute ensured too harsh a punishment for a woman struggling with addiction herself.

Supreme Court rejects appeal over Pa. school district's transgender bathroom policy

The decision on Tuesday affirmed an earlier ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, which in an unusual move last year issued its decision upholding the policy less than 20 minutes after the hearing at which they heard complaints from the protesting students.