" Amy Rosenberg is a feature writer based at the Jersey Shore. She covers Atlantic City, beach culture, local power grabs, and, maybe for the last time, Miss America. She also writes about Philly arts."

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These Shore restaurants planned debuts for this March — and went through with it. What choice did they have?

“Our hearts were broken,” said Amy Grabel, manager of Atlantic City’s new Ryfe Bar and Restaurant, 18 months in the making, which got only two days in before the shutdown. They’ve kept their doors open for takeout.

SEPTA barred the homeless from the 69th Street terminal due to coronavirus concerns. Now Upper Darby is trying to find them.

"It really highlights the fragility of how we deal with homeless, in the system where everyone knows these transit stations are kind of de facto homeless shelters," said Vince Rongione, an Upper Darby administrator.

Atlantic City sex shop scolded, Ventnor beaches fenced off at border: Jersey Shore gets weird under coronavirus shutdown.

“People had to know that if they were caught, it was something that was going to hit them in the pocket,” said Doug Biagi, chief of police in Ventnor, where the Boardwalk and beaches are closed.

A New York radio reporter, a party on LBI, and now 2 dead from coronavirus

In all, 25 people came to Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Barnegat Light that Sunday for the morning service and for the luncheon that followed.

A Cherry Hill man with COVID-19 hopes for experimental plasma treatment

The Red Cross is open to accepting donations of plasma — the liquid component of blood — that could be used in an experimental treatment. The relief agency is not doing so yet but says it is “committed to assisting” with such an effort.

NJ State Police official ‘overstated’ number of positive cases among officers; N.J. death toll passes 160, Pa.'s, 40.

Gov. Tom Wolf wants Pennsylvania declared a major-disaster area, as the state has furloughed 2,500 employees. New Jersey's case total tops 13,000 and Delaware governor tells prospective visitors to stay out of his state.

Wolf asks for federal disaster designation for Pa.; state workers laid off as coronavirus crisis worsens

“The COVID-19 outbreak has taxed our commonwealth and our communities in ways that are almost incomprehensible,” Gov. Tom Wolf said.

What travel advisory? At Atlantic City International Airport, nonchalance, Florida tans, and a 92-year-old grandmother.

"I had the whole airplane to myself," said retired mason Joseph Thompson, 68, who flew in from Fort Lauderdale to Atlantic City on Sunday. "I felt like I was Donald Trump."

Ocean City shuts down its boardwalk, beaches because of lack of social distancing

After crowds and shouting matches over the weekend, the mayor of Ocean City said he was closing the Shore town's beaches and Boardwalk until further notice.

Already our socially distant friends, podcasters say listeners need a distraction from coronavirus

“I don’t think its weird to talk about ‘Survivor’ right now," Cesternino said. "It’s really a great distraction. There’s no sports. The normal world is nothing like it’s supposed to be. ‘Survivor’ for the time being is very normal.”