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What every parent should know about the middle school crush

School crushes can be a normal, healthy part of development into adolescence and young adulthood. Or, they can be the platform for bullying and exploitation. The crush on the teacher is one of the trickiest for both parent and child.

To prevent child abuse and promote health, teach kids the impact of behavior

We can have a long-term effect by raising this generation of children to focus on the impact all their behaviors have on others.

One lesson from ‘Leaving Neverland’: Knowledge is power against predators

It may be difficult to watch the documentary on the singer's alleged abuses, but please don’t look away — it’s this aversion that gives predators cover.

Why you shouldn’t solely rely on monitoring apps for your child’s online safety

New monitoring apps for texts and social media can help flag if your children are having potential problems, but they don’t replace talking to them about these issues.

Pediatrician group calls for a ban on spanking

The American Academy of Pediatrics strengthens its call to ban spanking in an updated policy statement released Monday.

Back to school in the #MeToo era: Sex ed and sexual climate

It's important for parents to promote sexual health and safety by sending their children out in the world filled with age-appropriate, medically accurate information about sexuality, wrapped up in their family's values.

Silence has protected predators in too many institutions

Here's how to talk about sexual health and safety with your children if you haven't discussed it with them before.

After USA Gymnastics scandal, what parents can do to hold organizations accountable

Whatever the cause of institutional inaction related to claims of sexual abuse of kids or teens, the fact remains that parents have a critical role to play in holding institutions accountable, and here are some ways to do that.

Holiday hugs should be a child's choice

It's never been more obvious that people need to learn to set and respect boundaries. One way for parents to teach this concept is allowing their kids to choose if they want holiday hugs or kisses.

#MeToo: Talking to kids about bullying and sexual harassment

Harvey Weinstein's abominable behavior is a teachable moment for our children to understand they should never have to trade sex for advancement and how they should treat others.