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When that shiny Facebook ad delivers cheap boots from China | Opinion

Behind that polite email was an international operation tied to hundreds of businesses with curious names and reputations.

Some favorite selections from the Inquirer’s ‘Zen University’ archives

The Inquirer had big ambitions, dispatching staffers across the globe to document a day in the life of AIDS – and then weaving what they’d found into the next day’s paper. But it didn’t take itself too seriously.

From the archives: Has Neil Stein finally grown up?

The businessman is serious about his future.

Sometimes all you can say is 'Oh, slush'

I should have known when I saw an animated GIF of the Fox29 reporter and the snowplow that Dan McQuade was behind the digital beauty. Lately Dan's been perfecting a form of short, silent art: looped money shots from our little daily dramas.

Did ESPN magazine cross line on abuse?

Powerful story in ESPN the Magazine about "Big Red," the Penn State assistant whose account of a Jerry Sandusky sexual assault of a boy in a campus shower led to the biggest scandal in college football.

The Impressionables

Let's go back for a minute to the world's most viral selfie. Forget that the Ellen DeGeneres photo seen round the world was shot on a Samsung, which happened to buy five minutes of precious airtime on Sunday's Oscars and should get an Academy Award for product integration.

In 1988, who knew street could be a trip

Nile Livingston asked the other day if I'd post a link to her web site, and when I checked out her artwork, I figured she'd been reading my mail.