I write the Worldview column that tries to make sense of the world's chaos and conflicts as they affect Americans at home.

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Campaign help from Russia? Trump says it’s no problem | Trudy Rubin

Trump's eagerness for foreign help in 2020 election undermines the FBI and U.S. law, and invites foreign interference in 2020 elections.


Hong Kong democracy protests should inspire Americans | Trudy Rubin

One million Hong Kong residents demonstrate in the streets against Beijing's efforts to curb rule of law in Hong Kong, efforts that ould also endanger U.S. businessmen and journalists.


Competing visions on D-Day: Trump’s nationalism vs. Macron’s plea for a strong alliance | Trudy Rubin

Contrasting Trump and Macron speeches on D-Day illustrate he struggle between liberal and illiberal visions of democracy, as I also saw on a to Italy, Britain and France.


75th anniversary of D-day: A visit to the Normandy cemetery reminds us of the values thousands died for | Trudy Rubin

A trip to the American Cemetery in Normandy above Omaha Beach reminds us of an era where honor and sacrifice for country had meaning - including for presidents.


Theresa May’s fall goes beyond Brexit. Mainstream parties, beware | Trudy Rubin

Report from London: Britain’s political trauma is about something much bigger than Brexit or May’s weaknesses, and it holds lessons for American politicians from both sides of the aisle.


European Parliament elections: Should Americans worry about a new alliance of populists and nationalists? | Trudy Rubin

In Italy, France, Britain and across the continent, the far right is rising but may be less dangerous than many fear..


Why Democrats should watch how the immigration firestorm is playing out in Italy | Trudy Rubin

Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini's harsh anti-migrant policies should be yet another warning to U.S. Democrats to take the lead on immigration at home.


Is Italy’s nationalist leader Matteo Salvini a threat to Italian and European democracies? | Trudy Rubin

Trump fan Matteo Salvini thinks nationalism can make Italy great again

As U.S. democracy trembles, I’m headed to Europe to view populist nationalist gains there | Trudy Rubin

Far right populist leaders are trying to form a pan-Europe movement and claim they have the answers to economic inequality and migrant flows.


In Philadelphia, Irish civic leaders discuss Brexit’s harsh impact on their homeland | Trudy Rubin

Eisenhower fellows detail the threats Brexit poses to the Good Friday peace accord and why it must be saved.