I write the Worldview column that tries to make sense of the world's chaos and conflicts as they affect Americans at home.

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Temple’s Chinese program teaches ‘rule of law’ amid tensions between Beijing and Washington

The success of the Temple program says much about the paradoxes of contemporary China.


In Beijing, cutting-edge technology looms large while questions about China’s future mirror U.S. debates | Trudy Rubin

Writing from China, Trudy Rubin has heard Beijingers question whether a new Chinese cultural revolution against the “elite” was in the offing.


I’m visiting China and it may be 'my strangest trip in three decades' | Trudy Rubin

As China rises, and offers a new authoritarian model, will America be able to compete?


Trump got it backward on who helped U.S. take down Baghdadi | Trudy Rubin

The most vital assistance to U.S. forces came from the Kurds, who Trump abandoned, not from Russia, Syria, or Turkey, who he praised.


Trump demolishes machinery of diplomacy just when America needs it most | Trudy Rubin

The State Department and U.S. security agencies are being gutted or and sidelined by a president who pursues his private interests.


Trump helps jihadis, harms Kurds in Syria, then falsely claims victory | Trudy Rubin

Green lit, by White House, Turkey's Erdogan sends radical jihadis into Syria who call for death of Christians and Kurds.


Trump’s delusions on Syria prove he is a danger to American security | Trudy Rubin

Our republic is endangered by a president who is ill-informed about our Kurdish allies and other critical issues, and is susceptible to the lies of autocrats.


Trump’s Syria debacle is cause for impeachment | Trudy Rubin

Trump's withdrawal of troops, betrayal of allies, revival of ISIS, and gift to Russia and Iran amount to dereliction of duty.


Turkey is committing war crimes against Kurds with Trump’s help | Trudy Rubin

Turkey's Erdogan will ethnically cleanse Kurds from northern Syria and replace them with Islamists, unless he is stopped by Congress, and Trump.


Another Trump phone call opens door to slaughter of Syrian Kurds | Trudy Rubin

The President's withdrawal of troops from Syria gave Turkey the green light to attack our Kurdish allies and opens the door to ISIS return.