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Robert H. Dyson Jr., 92, former head of Penn Museum, dies

The dogged archaeologist made one of the profession’s most spectacular and unexpected finds during a 1958 University of Pennsylvania excavation in Iran. He was the Penn Museum's director from 1982 to 1994.

Revolution Museum has a remarkable story to tell about New Jersey’s inclusive voting rights — in the 1700s

When the nation was brand new, both women and people of color could vote in New Jersey. Philly's Museum of the American Revolution is building an exhibit to tell that story, starting this summer.

Constance Clayton’s huge gift to PAFA of works by black artists is now on display

The exhibition of 70-plus paintings, prints, drawings, and sculptures represents decades of collecting and provides a sweepingly intimate view of African American art.

Alexander Calder will finally get a prime museum site on the Parkway, across from Barnes and Rodin

Major funders include the Neubauer Family Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, and the estate of H. F. “Gerry” Lenfest. The architects behind London's Tate Modern will design the building and grounds.

Allentown Art Museum discovers it has a Rembrandt hiding in plain sight

A portrait of a young woman painted in 1632 has been definitively identified as being from the hand of the master himself.

After laying off a third of its staff, the cash-strapped Historical Society of Pennsylvania is now selling off parts of its collection

A collection of historic medals has been sold for about $2.2 million at auction in Baltimore. And now the precious “Freedom Box” is being shopped around.

In museums: Suffrage, scandal, sloths, and rebellion

Wildlife photographers, LEGOs, bugs, love, and scandal are also on the schedule this spring.

Henry O. Tanner’s great painting of a wise old lion at the Philadelphia Zoo now belongs to PAFA

In addition to Tanner's lion, the academy acquired what is now its oldest work attributed to a woman artist, Patience Wright's wax profile of Washington.