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Their nontraditional path to fatherhood created a big, extraordinary family they never could have imagined

The couple’s life has changed drastically since the day they decided to start a family. And they could not be more grateful for how that decision has turned out: "We are so happy we did a foster-to-adoption, and we are so happy we got to know the birth family."

For single parents, Mom’s House is a helping hand, not a handout

In its 33 years, this Phoenixville charity has provided assistance to 300 parents and 330 children.

He’s on a one-man mission to clean up trash and help save sea life

“One of the neighbors across the street said, ‘He’s a saint.'"

Villanova University filmmakers focus on water crisis in Tanzania in new documentary

Former Eagles star Chris Long helped provide support for the student filmmakers when they were in Africa.

She was on a tropical vacation when she received a text message: You need to come home to save a life

Bone marrow transplants are used to help patients with cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, and other life-threatening diseases.

This photo could be a painting

The Spanish refer to the Andalusian horses as Pura Raza Espanola.

Tulips are always worth a second glance

No virus is stopping Mother Nature on Dilworth Plaza.

A shiny green bike, a blue-sky day, a head-on crash, and a mother’s new mission

Ever since the accident, just as those first spring flowers begin to bloom and before kids hit the streets, Nudy Pecora will “go crazy” posting her story on social media, sending hundreds of texts and talking to every parent and teen she can find about bike helmets.

Soaring to the heights

The 20-foot-high web of interlocking bronze curves is located at 15th Street and South Penn Square across from City Hall.