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Lauren Schneiderman

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MOVE member Delbert Africa speaks at a press conference after being paroled from state prison

Move member Delbert Africa, who was paroled from state prison after 42 years on January 18, 2020, held a press conference with other members of the Move family.

Welder, Pa’Trice Frazie, thrives in a field dominated by men

Pa’Trice Frazier, a 34-year-old welder, thrives in a field dominated by men.


Animals abound at Pennsylvania Farm Show

The farm show's junior livestock auction is the culmination of months of work by students across the state.

A high school student auctions her lamb at the PA Farm Show

Emily Singer, senior at W.B. Saul High School auctions a lamb that she raised at the PA Farm Show in Harrisburg.

Philadelphia’s new police commissioner is Danielle Outlaw of Portland

Philadelphia’s new police commissioner Danielle Outlaw speaks at a press conference on Monday, Dec. 30.

Paralyzed gunshot survivors form a support group for others like them

Paralyzed gunshot survivors create there own community. There support group is now six months old.

Staff photographers tell the stories behind 2019 Year in Pictures

The Philadelphia Inquirer's staff photographers explain stories behind the photographs selected for the Inquirer's 2019 Year in Pictures.

Special Report

How Philly ballroom survived three decades: ‘Moments are greater than wins’

Inside ball culture — and how the community perseveres to create wins and unforgettable moments.

LEGENDARY: 30 Years of Philly Ballroom

Watch the trailer for The Inquirer’s documentary on the Philadelphia ballroom scene.