Mike Sielski is a sports columnist for the Inquirer. The Associated Press Sports Editors named him the top sports columnist in America in 2015, and his work has anthologized twice in "The Best American Sports Writing." The author of two books and a former reporter at The Wall Street Journal, he lives in Bucks County with his wife and two sons.

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The Eagles are already thinking about the next big thing in the NFL | Mike Sielski

The “Philly Special” was just the beginning, says Eagles quarterbacks coach Press Taylor. Get ready for more players throwing more passes.


Can the Flyers do what the Blues and Bruins did? It’ll take more than rehiring Craig Berube. | Mike Sielski

The Flyers weren’t capable of catching lightning in a bottle last season. They need more overall depth and talent.


Let the Kevin Durant incident be a lesson: Injuries aren’t character flaws | Mike Sielski

From Durant to Joel Embiid, from Kawhi Leonard to Carson Wentz, it’s time to ask ourselves what it means to demand that our athletes play hurt.

Ana Garcia Cowan is a soldier, a bodybuilder, and an inspiration

After the first of two tours in Iraq, the Atlantic City native transformed herself into a picture of fitness and confidence.


For Elton Brand’s Sixers, one word should sum up their present and future: continuity | Mike Sielski

When choosing between doing all they can to retain their core and breaking it up and beginning anew again, the 76ers are better off banking that the stars they already have simply need more time together.


Of course the Eagles gave Carson Wentz a contract extension, and the reasons go beyond football | Mike Sielski

Every NFL team needs an appealing public face, and from his playing ability to his off-field image, Wentz gives the Eagles exactly that.


The Eagles should give Boston Scott a shot to fill Darren Sproles’ shoes | Mike Sielski

Everyone loves Sproles. But he can’t be counted on to play a full season, and Scott is showing promise at OTAs.


Everyone knows the Sixers’ Ben Simmons needs a jump shot soon, except maybe his family | Mike Sielski

It’s reasonable to think a talented 22-year-old can improve. But do the Sixers have time to wait?


St. Joe’s AD Jill Bodensteiner goes deep on Phil Martelli’s firing and other topics | Mike Sielski

She has presided over a tumultuous year for the Hawks’ athletic department. In this Q&A, she explains her thinking.


Craig Berube could win a Stanley Cup with the Blues. Relax, Flyers fans. It wouldn’t have happened here. | Mike Sielski

The Flyers had, and still have, problems that go beyond who their head coach is or was.