I'm a sports columnist, published author, and father who grew up and still resides minutes from Philadelphia.

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It’s time for sports to get back to normal | Mike Sielski

It might sound silly to say that sports can help us get back to normal. It's not silly at all.

Aaron Rodgers once explained why Jalen Hurts will face so much pressure this season with the Eagles | Mike Sielski

Rodgers hasn't given Jordan Love a shot to steal his job. Carson Wentz gave one to Hurts. But that's all Hurts or any young quarterback generally gets in the modern NFL: one shot.

For Kyle Pitts and his father, a dream moment at the NFL draft is just part of the journey | Mike Sielski

Kelly Pitts is here to tell you: If you end up surprised when his son becomes a star for the Atlanta Falcons, you haven't been paying close enough attention.

The NFL draft is here. Time for the Eagles, and everyone else, to get everything wrong. | Mike Sielski

No event in sports demands more humility from the people who cover and participate in it. Remember that before you get worked up over the players the Eagles pick or don’t pick.

The secret to the success of Archbishop Wood’s Kyle Pitts, the best player in the NFL draft | Mike Sielski

He starred at Wood and for the Florida Gators. But it was the foresight of his dad and a single decision that changed the arc of Kyle Pitts’ life and career.

Jeffrey Lurie loves to involve himself in the Eagles’ draft process. Good luck stopping him. | Mike Sielski

It's his money. It's his team. Short of the Eagles' having a string of terrible seasons and their fans losing interest, why would Lurie take a step back?

No, Eagles coach Nick Sirianni isn’t a rockhead for playing a kid’s game during pre-draft interviews | Mike Sielski

If Sirianni is being genuine and if his offbeat methods help the Eagles glean a little insight, what’s the harm?

Sixers-Nets can be the Philly-New York NBA rivalry we’ve never had | Mike Sielski

The Sixers and Knicks haven't been good at the same time, and the Nets were just ... eh. This season could change everything.

These truths can help the Flyers and their fans sift through their lost season | Mike Sielski

This swift and sharp downfall should eliminate any pie-in-the-sky hopes that the roster is just a piece or two away.

Chuck Fletcher stood by Alain Vigneault and put the Flyers’ players on notice. Good. | Mike Sielski

The Flyers have fired coach after coach through the years. That's not happening now.