Mike Sielski is a sports columnist for the Inquirer. The Associated Press Sports Editors named him the top sports columnist in America in 2015, and his work has anthologized twice in "The Best American Sports Writing." The author of two books and a former reporter at The Wall Street Journal, he lives in Bucks County with his wife and two sons.

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Nelson Agholor’s drop cost the Eagles. Now he has to let go of the past again. | Mike Sielski

The wideout already has recovered from a case of the yips early in his career. And he has a head coach equipped to help him.


Sean Couturier is evidence that Ron Hextall’s plan still can work for Flyers | Mike Sielski

The Flyers were patient with Couturier, and he has grown into their best all-around forward. It's a formula that could reap rewards with more of their players.


For the Falcons’ Matt Ryan and the Eagles’ Carson Wentz, the moments matter, too | Mike Sielski

Both are franchise quarterbacks and great players, but they're still searching for the one thing — a Super Bowl — that will complete their careers.

Special Report

Notre Dame football star Joe Savoldi left Philly’s Franklin Field in 1930 for a life seemingly too improbable to be true

Savoldi was a football star at Notre Dame and played his final game for the Fighting Irish at Franklin Field. A scandal started him on a life, shrouded in secrecy, that still seems too remarkable to be true.


Among Darren Sproles, Miles Sanders, and Jordan Howard, the Eagles’ No. 1 running back is ... | Mike Sielski

It's a trick question. The Eagles don't have a No. 1 running back, and if their plan works, they won't need one.


Against the Redskins, Carson Wentz was the QB the Eagles need him to be | Mike Sielski

He threw three touchdowns passes and moved with ease. If this is the Wentz the Eagles get all season, look out.


Five takeaways from Eagles’ 32-27 Week 1 win over Redskins | Mike Sielski

Carson Wentz was terrific, and Doug Pederson loves Darren Sproles, maybe a little too much.


Eagles fans should give thanks that they don’t root for the Redskins | Mike Sielski

The gap between the two teams has never been wider in the Eagles' favor. A once-proud franchise in Washington has been an embarrassment for 20 years.


Eagles’ offensive linemen showed more than their naked bodies to ESPN’s readers | Mike Sielski

The photos offered a realistic glimpse into what it takes for the biggest men in football to withstand the rigors of a brutal sport.