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This is why you don't start school when it's still summer

The classrooms at my kids' school aren't air-conditioned. The classrooms at a lot of schools in the region aren't air-conditioned. It's getting really hot this week.

No offense, but coconut oil is the worst

When I put it on my skin, it makes me break out like a hormonal teenager.

The very best new eyebrow product

This wasn't the typical accidental Target purchase, where you go in to buy shoelaces and leave $250 later with decorative objets d'art for which you have no planned use and three T-shirts that were on sale for $8 each.

Multiple masks for multiple skin concerns

Recently while buying things I didn't need at Target, I stumbled upon a multimask pack.

I tried those crazy magnetic eyelashes

The idea is this: Instead of one false eyelash on each eye, you wear two that sandwich your natural lashes, held in place by tiny, powerful magnets. No glue!

Makeup steps I cut when I need to get ready fast

Skipping some steps worked out just fine for me. Others, not so much.

The most successful beauty tip I've ever given

There is one beauty tip that I've given repeatedly, to women of every age, and every single one has found success.

Beauty resolutions that won't be hard to keep

We're a week into 2018. Have you lost 20 pounds and saved $20,000 yet?

The biggest beauty trend for 2018

The glitter is here to stay.

The best last-minute beauty gift buys

The best beauty gifts you can order on Amazon today and still have them arrive in time for you to get them under the tree.