Scott Sturgis is The Inquirer's auto columnist.

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2019 Lexus ES 350 is just a touchpad away from perfection

Lexus sedans come close to car guy nirvana, and the redesigned ES 350 inches even closer — until you try adjusting the stereo or turning up the AC.

Xtra big and Xtra smooth, the all-new BMW X7 is not really that Xciting

The 2019 BMW X7 takes the German carmaker up a notch, at least in the SUV realm. But its BMW breeding is overwhelmed by its steroidal sizing.


The return of the Blazer shows Chevrolet has learned a thing or three

The return of the Chevrolet Blazer may take readers back to the old days of its SUVs. But don't go there: This new Blazer is much better than many current rivals, and in RS form can go a little crazy as well.

My heart’s not in the Highlander — a Toyota tribute marking Dylan’s 78th birthday

Though rated 5 of 5 by Consumer Reports, the 2019 Highlander handles like a 1980s American sedan. But a redesign is coming in 2020.


Taking the Altima, Mazda6, and Accord on a road test

The 2019 Nissan Altima redesign follows on the heels of the new Mazda6 and Honda Accord, both redesigned for the 2018 model year. All three midsize sedans have received performance enhancements, but only one leaps into a level of performance previously occupied by only premium brands.

Putting the Altima, Mazda6, and Accord head to head

The Nissan Altima gets a redesign for 2019, along with new engines and plenty of new features. It is set to compete with the Honda Accord and Mazda6, both similarly sized and priced. How do the three compare? First of two parts.


2019 BMW X4M: A hot-rod hatchback crossover

The 2019 BMW X4M purports to be a superfast crossover. And while it certainly fits the “superfast” designation, that cutoff hatchback roof slices passenger and storage space,


VW’s Golf R classes up the super-fun GTI

Volkswagen has added more horsepower, a classier interior, and all-wheel drive to its GTI hatchback. The result may not be that much faster, but sometimes it's about more than speed.


The Renegade is an Italian-flavored Jeep: A taste of Olive Garden

The 2019 Jeep Renegade offers a lot for a low price, but not among those offerings would be quick acceleration. Still, it's probably enough Jeep for most buyers.

2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid — smooth, pretty, but not fun like its Jersey Shore namesake

The 2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid gets better with its latest redesign — smooth and getting smoother, luxurious, comfortable, but not quite fun. Still, there's an awful lot to like, especially the improved performance and economy.