Julia Terruso covers politics and the 2020 presidential election.

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Pa. Dems think 2020 candidates should take a lead from Amy Klobuchar’s ‘blue wall’ tour

State Sen. Sharif Street, who said he is personally not endorsing a candidate in the primary, encouraged all candidates to mimic Klobuchar’s focus on Pennsylvania.

Andrew Yang celebrates ‘nerdiest campaign in presidential history’ at Rocky steps rally

The crowd chanted “Math! Math! Math!” whenever Yang mentioned numbers or data and called out what they'd do with $1,000 a month.

6 Democratic presidential candidates spent a day in Philly wooing labor

Former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont were among the half-dozen attending the first-ever "Workers' Presidential Summit" at the Convention Center, hosted by the Philadelphia Council of the AFL-CIO.

Julian Castro went there on Joe Biden. But are voters actually worried about his age?

For those who say Biden, 76, is past his prime, and point to his sometimes fumbling speech, others praise his experience and argue that his longevity has made him a familiar face they can trust.


Ed Rendell says ‘Bernie bots are happy’ about his attack on Elizabeth Warren in support of Joe Biden | Clout

Rendell went after Warren, in defense of Biden and his fundraising, in a Washington Post opinion article. Meanwhile, the AFL-CIO in Philadelphia is still waiting to hear whether Biden will show up for its presidential forum Tuesday.

Democrats argue over health care, guns, and direction of party

It was a long debate, but it put all three leading candidates — Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — in the spotlight at once for the first time.

Ed Rendell says he wrote op-ed attacking Elizabeth Warren without telling Joe Biden’s campaign

“They’re a little ticked off I didn’t tell them it was coming," Rendell said. "I told them I’ve always been a free spirit and I say what I believe,"

Can Joe Sestak go from an Econo Lodge in Iowa to the White House? He thinks so.

Sestak, a retired three-star Navy admiral and former congressman from Delaware County, is “the other Joe” with ties to Pennsylvania running for president.

Think the 2020 Democratic field is down to three? Don’t bet on it, insiders say.

As the primary enters a new phase with a tighter national debate next week, the question is whether others will break through or the focus will sharpen on the top three.

Fired top FBI official Andrew McCabe to headline Pa. Democrats’ fund-raiser

His keynote address for the Lancaster County Democrats is teased on the group’s website as “sure to be one of the most interesting events we’ve ever had!”