Julia Terruso covers politics and the 2020 presidential election.

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Believe it or not, both men had hundreds of donors supporting them in the Philadelphia area.

Small donations are crucial to 2020. Here’s what we found when we analyzed Pa., N.J. donors.

The release of donor info, for donations as small as $1, allows for an unprecedented look into the grassroots financial support of the Democrats running for president.

Meet the Philadelphians behind the 2020 presidential campaigns

The Philadephia region is prime breeding ground for political operatives and nearly a dozen have high-ranking jobs on 2020 presidential campaigns. Here's a look at a few of the staffers with Pennsylvania ties.

People at Philly rally say they like Cory Booker, but aren’t sure about his chances

Booker had two impressive debate performances this summer, neither of which netted him much traction in the polls and that contradiction seemed to bear itself out in the flesh on Wednesday at a rally where 300 people hung on his every word, b and then several said they were unlikely to vote for...

Pa. Democrats support Biden and Warren, but will vote for anyone against Trump, poll finds

A clear portrait emerges of an electorate deeply divided over the president, with strongly held feelings on either side.

Democrats train students of color in battleground states, hoping to avoid Clinton’s 2016 mistakes

In Michigan, Florida, and Pennsylvania, college students are training with the Democratic Party on how to work for its eventual nominee in 2020.

How Cory Booker scored a big moment at the Democratic debate, and what comes next

After months of unmet potential, Cory Booker had a big moment on the second Democratic debate, but now needs to turn that into real momentum.

Joe Biden again absorbs attacks in second Democratic debate. This time he was prepared.

At times in the Democratic debate Wednesday it seemed like nine against one as rivals challenged Joe Biden, the clear front-runner, but he was better prepared than in the party's first encounter.

Liberal-moderate divide emerges as Dems debate how to win

Ten Democrats grapple with how to take the White House back: with daring leaps or pragmatic steps?

Democrats point to closing General Motors plant near debate hall as example of Trump’s ‘false promises’

Macomb County, Mich., a swing county home to the famous 'Reagan Democrats' of the 1980s, is vital to carrying a crucial state in 2020. President Donald Trump won there four years ago, sealing Michigan's 16 electoral votes.