Julia is covering the 2020 presidential election looking mostly through the lens of battleground Pa., with a focus on voters and the issues and candidates resonating with them.

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Biden’s faith made history without much fanfare. His Catholic supporters say that’s a good thing.

While it’s been 60 years since the nation had a Catholic president, it's long had Catholic justices of the Supreme Court and members of Congress, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Joe Biden won 3 of every 4 mail ballots in Pennsylvania. Trump won 2 of 3 votes cast in person. What does that mean for the future?

Seventy-five percent of Pennsylvania mail-in ballots went to Biden. Two-thirds of in-person votes went to Trump. Insiders in both parties say the results could reshape campaigns and elections to come.

Joe Biden has an administration to build. Will any local politicians join his White House team?

Presidential transitions are always rife with speculation about people and postings. Clout takes a look at who might, and might not, go to work for President-elect Joe Biden.

How Joe Biden won Pennsylvania — and what comes next

The result doesn’t change how deeply divided Pennsylvania is. If anything, it only highlights those divisions.

Just enough white working-class voters bought into Biden’s blue-collar appeal to win him Pennsylvania

Biden directed much of his campaign message at white, working-class voters. It paid off by slim margins.

The Pa. results sealed the presidential race for Joe Biden. Here’s how he won the Keystone State.

From the first days of his campaign, Biden made it clear that winning back Pennsylvania was central to his strategy for winning the White House. It was close, but it paid off.

Biden won back 2 of the 3 Obama-Trump counties in Pennsylvania. Barely.

The wins mirror the state overall: After a dramatic swing to Trump in 2016, Pennsylvania shifted back to Democrats this year, even if only by a small margin.

Trump voters in Pa. face distress and disbelief: ‘I don’t ever remember feeling so devastated’

For many Trump supporters, Biden’s narrow victory in the state felt especially disorienting because Trump significantly increased his turnout this year. But Biden also improved upon Clinton's turnout.

'Let's give each other a chance': President-elect Joe Biden pledges to unify, not divide

He pledged to marshal the forces of science, fairness, and decency, and to fight the virus, racism, and climate change at his acceptance speech in Wilmington on Saturday.

Biden’s hometown celebrates: ‘We’ve got a president from Scranton, Pennsylvania!’

Scranton vs. Park Avenue, Biden called the race. And in Pennsylvania's sixth-largest city, which voted overwhelmingly for him, Scranton is claiming victory, too.