I cover politics and our divided electorate. I'm interested in what unites and separates us, shifts in voting trends, and grassroots movements.

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Pennsylvania Republicans have left the party in big numbers since the Capitol attack

There are signs of a broader political shift under way, one that raises the prospect of a Republican primary electorate even friendlier to Donald Trump and Trump-allied candidates.

Malcolm Kenyatta is running for Senate in Pennsylvania

The state representative from North Philadelphia cast himself as a champion of working people who would make history as Pennsylvania’s first Black and first openly gay senator.

Democrats had a brutal 2020 in Pa. besides Biden. Now they’re charting a path forward.

Pennsylvania Democrats got their most important job done in 2020. On just about everything else, they flopped. Big time.

Scott Perry is the most loved and hated congressman in Pennsylvania

The Central Pennsylvania Republican reflects a problem facing both parties: how to unite and move forward after a mixed-bag election of wins and losses.

Biden’s first executive orders put U.S. back into fight to slow global warming and require masks on federal property; Democrats take control of Senate

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn into office during an inauguration ceremony on the steps of the U.S. Capitol where rioters tried to overturn their election victory.

Biden fans celebrate in an eerie, locked-down Washington: ‘We’re not going to be intimidated’

Downtown was unrecognizable — a desolated version of the city that hosts one of the country’s most cherished democratic traditions. But some still came to rejoice.

Themed cocktails, Zoom watch parties, and sighs of relief: How Biden supporters in Pa. are celebrating Inauguration Day

Biden supporters in Pennsylvania say the inability to witness history in person hasn’t been a huge damper on a day they’ve been looking forward to for years.

In Harrisburg and Trenton, ‘a collective sigh of relief’ as few pro-Trump loyalists show up following FBI warning

Law enforcement in Pennsylvania and New Jersey were prepared for violence Sunday, but the streets remained quiet and largely clear of Trump loyalists protesting the election of Joe Biden.

Montco Congresswoman Madeleine Dean gets ready to prosecute Trump’s impeachment in the Senate

“The first impeachment was serious and grievous and amounted to high crimes and misdemeanors against our country, but this one is so much worse,” Dean said.

Lies sent Trump supporters to Washington. Can Big Tech bans stop the misinformation?

Trump’s most faithful followers are even more convinced that their news — the news that led to the Capitol attack — is the real story, now being unfairly censored.