Gary Thompson is the Inquirer's film critic.

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‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ director is hoping his monster smackdown is the catharsis we could use right now

GVK director Adam Wingard won't say which monster wins. But he's hinting all over the place that John Travolta and Nicolas Cage could reunite for his Face/Off sequel.

On Philly’s edge, looters hit stores hour after hour while Lower Merion police watched from the suburban side of City Avenue

Some looters seemed especially unhinged, at times smashing into each other’s cars as they hurried in and out of the parking lot. Neighbors and owners turned out at a West Philadelphia strip mall to clean up after hours of looting.

A drive-in film festival is coming to the Shore this summer

Long Beach Island's Lighthouse International Film Festival is doing something that bigger festivals have abandoned during COVID-19 social distancing -- going forward with live screenings.

Michael Imperioli of ‘The Sopranos’ shot his new movie guerrilla-style in Philly

Low-budget hustle and Philly locations were key ingredients in the independent film. Rapper Boskoe 100 and Harley Flanagan, front man for the Cro-Mags, also have roles.

Nice hustle, Hammonton! Town in S. Jersey devised a pop-up drive-in movie theater in no time.

Hammonton, N.J., hustled to have its own "Karpool Cinema" ready to go the minute the governor gave the OK.

Movie industry workers worried by city budget’s proposed cuts to Greater Philadelphia Film Office

Local businesses tied to the film industry want the city to reconsider cuts to the budget of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office.

Watch the livestreamed One Movie, One Philly discussion of ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

Gary Thompson will discuss 'Silver Linings Playbook' during a livestream with Jesse Rosenthal, the movie’s art director.

Watch: One Movie, One Philly discussion of ‘Creed’

Gary Thompson discussed 'Creed' during a livestream with Christopher Gormley, a location scout for the movie (and also for Silver Linings Playbook), and a young influencer -- Ariell Johnson, proprietor of Amalgam Comics -- who happens to be a huge local boxing fan.

Let’s all watch the ‘Rocky’ reboot ‘Creed’ to punch through another aimless weekend. | One Movie, One Philly

Then join us for a livestream talk Monday about how the movie got made. Location scout Christopher Gormley will be our special guest, along with Philly boxing enthusiast Ariell Johnson of Amalgam Comics.