Rob covers the media and national stories that have interest in Philly. he also draws sports cartoons.

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New Orleans Saints become linked to Catholic church's sex abuse scandal

"[T]he Saints’ public relations team is not in the business of managing the public relations of criminals engaged in pedophilia,” attorneys for men suing the church wrote in a court filing.

Cataldi livid over WIP's Andy Reid love; ex-Eagles player endorses Bloomberg

"Let me make this perfectly clear: The WIP Morning Show will not be participating in Andy Reid Appreciation Day, regardless of the repercussions," Cataldi wrote.


'Once a Philadelphia priest, always a Philadelphia priest': New archbishop named

Perez, a Miami native and former Philadelphian, will be first Hispanic priest to lead the city’s archdiocese, and among the few who can speak the Pope's native language.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews slowing things down for new podcast

“What I really wanted it to be like is longtime Washington veterans out for a drink one night, sharing campaign stories," Matthews said.

Former St. Joe’s star Delonte West seen in disturbing viral videos

The videos show the former St. Joe's great disheveled and allegedly getting beaten up.

Trump’s impeachment trial opens today: Here’s what you should know

One thing we do know is this will be just the third presidential impeachment trial in the nation’s history.


Sports Cartoon: Andy Reid is suddenly loved by Eagles fans

Eagles fans have always loved Andy Reid, right?

Tony Romo basically shamed the refs into calling a penalty. But was it his last game for CBS?

At one point, officials appeared to call a penalty on the Titans because they heard Romo complaining about them missing it during the broadcast.

Romo and Aikman calling today's games, but both have choices to make

Two former Cowboys quarterbacks turned top NFL broadcasters have some choices to make during the offseason.

ESPN once again whiffs while airing footage of Philadelphia

Mistakes happen, but this is becoming an unfortunate trend for the "worldwide leader in sports."