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The Flyers might have a new kind of retro jersey on the way

On Monday, images of rumored "Reverse Retro" jerseys for the Flyers and the rival Pittsburgh Penguins leaked online.

Malcolm Jenkins calls for focus on racial justice issues after DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic Instagram posts

Jenkins on Instagram: "Allow those who are impacted by it to voice their grievances. But we gotta stay focused, because Breonna Taylor’s killers are still not arrested. We’re still fighting for justice."

Ticket to a return: The status of each sport’s road back to playing

Leagues and players unions have thrown around a ton of ideas and have plans at various points of progress. But all of them still have plenty of hurdles ahead. Here's where the major sports are at in getting back to playing.

Former Eagle Malcolm Jenkins ‘disappointed,’ ‘hurt’ by Drew Brees’ anthem protest comments

“While the world tells you that you’re not worthy, that your life doesn’t matter, the last place you want to hear it from are the guys you go to war with, and that you consider to be allies and to be your friends,” Jenkins said.

Ben Fennell’s NFL draft breakdown: Each position all in one place

Rounding up all eight of NFL Network draft analyst Ben Fennell's position breakdowns in one place.

XFL lays off staff, suspends operations; no plans to return next year

The league laid off its staff Friday morning and no longer has plans to return in 2021, according to an ESPN report, meaning the second go at establishing the XFL is likely over.

NFL, Eagles All-Decade teams: Picks from the league, our writers, and you

After the NFL revealed its All-Decade team, see our writers' picks and how the readers voted.

Ottawa player is NHL’s first confirmed coronavirus case; Flyers not testing players

During a recent game in Los Angeles, the Senators reportedly used the same Staples Center locker room that the Brooklyn Nets did a day earlier when playing the Lakers.

Union postpone ‘Meet the Team’ event amid growing coronavirus concerns

With the expectation of shaking a lot of hands and taking pens from fans to sign autographs, the team, at the recommendation of Major League Soccer, opted to postpone the meet and greet.

Flyers’ Travis Konecny finishes seventh in NHL all-star fastest skater event

The forward clocked in at 14.113 seconds. Well, at least he stayed upright.