Helen writes about inequity and injustice, and the strength and spirit it takes to right life's cruel imbalances.

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Trump is gone. Help me put the spotlight back on underrepresented people and communities. | Helen Ubiñas

Imagine if we had put even a portion of the collective energy and effort into our communities that we've put into Trump? Imagine where we might be in four years if we do that now?


A new day has dawned, but let’s not forget the lessons we learned in the dark | Helen Ubiñas

The damage is deep, and despite the calls for unity, so is the rot.


Trump’s second impeachment highlights whose safety is recognized — and prioritized | Helen Ubiñas

Women, especially women of color, don’t have the luxury or privilege of cowering and relying on someone else to do the right thing.


Police keep showing us who they are. Pay attention. It’s not good. | Helen Ubiñas

In many accounts of the Capitol siege, the insurrectionists were often described as invaders. Except that implies that the threat was only coming from the outside.


America’s addiction to ‘normalcy’ is how we got here and where we’ll stay | Helen Ubiñas

Supporters and opportunists spent years working to normalize Trump’s aberrant behavior and lower the bar to make his actions seem acceptable. We have reaped what we've sown.


The U.S. can’t afford to just ‘look forward’ after Trump’s criminal behavior | Helen Ubiñas

Not holding people, politicians and presidents accountable is not a solution. If anything, it all but guarantees the bad behavior will not just continue, it will get worse.


What do you know about the Philadelphians killed by guns this year? At least know their names. | Helen Ubiñas

Some things are obvious about the ever-growing list of those killed by gun violence this year: Most of the people were young, Black men, mostly in their 20s.


A support group for gunshot survivors is now the focus of a documentary — and it’s beautiful | Helen Ubiñas

“Our city is so saturated with gun violence that right now the only focus is those who are dying. But there is an even larger problem with people being shot, and having lifelong injuries.”


A philosophical look through my planner showed life goes on, even during a pandemic | Helen Ubiñas

Life is lived even in the midst of wars and natural disasters and, these days, a raging pandemic. It’s just sometimes hard to see when you’re in the middle of it.


We could all use a little inspiration. Here’s some from a Philadelphia mother of nine. | Helen Ubiñas

Inspiration can be hard to come by these endless Zoom-filled days. So, here’s a little from a Philly mom who was honored with the 2020 Inspiration Award from JEVS Human Services.