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Add tweeting while female to the ever-growing double standards applied to women | Helen Ubiñas

Who cares that a white man was able to build a presidential campaign, a presidency and an insurrection with tweets that make anything Tanden tweeted sound downright, well, presidential. She was… mean!


Philly’s gun violence-prevention community needs a reckoning of its own | Helen Ubiñas

"There’s a big cultural gap between young leaders and the city, and high-risk youth and young adults and the violence prevention community," says John Solomon.


The clock is ticking on solving a 5-year-old Philadelphia homicide | Helen Ubiñas

“Never in a million years would I have imagined that his murder would still be unsolved five years later,” Yullio Robbins said.


What do you know about the Philadelphians killed by guns in 2020? At least know their names. | Helen Ubiñas

Some things are obvious about the ever-growing list of those killed by gun violence this year: Most of the people were young, Black men, mostly in their 20s.


What does it take for Mayor Kenney to talk to a constituent about gun violence? A hunger strike and a Purple Queen. | Helen Ubiñas

If a man is willing to starve himself, right outside your doorstep, it’s time to accept that whatever you’ve said or done isn’t enough.


Trump’s impeachment outcome won’t end our misery. Here’s how to deal. | Helen Ubiñas

It almost doesn’t matter whether enough Republican lawmakers find their spines or sense of civic duty, or more likely, stay true to form and let a traitor off. It still won’t be over.


Think Philly’s FOP ‘accountability’ bonus makes no sense? Not in this upside down world. | Helen Ubiñas

If our incompetent leaders won't do their jobs, maybe we can entice them with a bonus.

Gun violence survivors are begging for resources. Would this bill help them?

To address the plight of disabled survivors of gun violence, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey and U.S. Rep. Dwight Evans want to pass a law that will help their growing ranks find desperately needed resources.


Accountability is for suckers, fellow Americans. Just ask our public officials. | Helen Ubiñas

Who’s really held accountable for much of anything anymore? Not treasonous presidents, not seditious Republican lawmakers, not even our mayor.


One-person protests upend a tired trope that Philadelphia residents don’t care | Helen Ubiñas

Four Philly residents have recently held one-person protests against gun violence. But every day, city residents individually and collectively fight against unchecked violence.