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Loose cigarette butts, rodent activities close famed cheesesteak spots and other Philadelphia eateries | Clean Plates

Cheesesteaks may be Philadelphia’s signature sandwich, but that doesn’t stop the city’s sanitarians from closing the eateries that make them when they get too greasy for their own good.

The internet killed The Rock again. He’s still alive.

The American treasure is still posting on Instagram.

Christmas Village is adding a Ferris wheel

Christmas Village is getting bigger this year — and it's adding a Ferris wheel.

Robert De Niro responds to doubts about the accuracy of his new Philly mob movie

“As Marty says, ‘We’re not saying we’re telling the actual story. We’re telling our story. I believed it.’ ”

Kevin Hart: $60 million sex tape lawsuit is ‘baseless’

Kevin Hart is fighting back against the $60 million lawsuit filed against him in connection with a 2017 sex tape scandal, calling the suit “baseless” in recently filed court documents.

Halle Berry is filming in Atlantic City, Jason Segel's show leaves Philly

AMC's 'Dispatches from Elswhere,' starring Jason Segel and Sally Field, has also wrapped filming

Ed Sheeran reportedly says he's related to an infamous Philly mob associate

Reputed Philly mob hitman Frank Sheeran, who is said to have murdered former Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa, has hit the big screen as a the central character in Martin Scorsese’s latest mob flick, The Irishman. But that may not be the mobster’s only connection to fame.

Ex-Villanova football player files lawsuit against NCAA for not paying student-athletes

Trey Johnson, who went on to play for the Steelers and Broncos, contends that the NCAA violates federal and state wage laws in not paying athletes.

M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Servant’: Trailer reveals creepy details for the Philly-shot show

We knew from previous teasers that M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming Apple TV+ series, Servant, would be creepy — but not like this.

Kevin Smith planned to shoot a movie in the Philly area. The film fell apart, but inspired his next one.

"We’ve got a Jay and Silent Bob movie where, if you’re not careful, you might actually roll a tear," the director said.