Pranshu Verma covers politics in New Jersey, with a focus on how elected officials and power brokers misuse their authority.

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Pennsylvania hospitals to share supplies, Wolf orders; African Americans disproportionately affected by virus, health officials say

The rate of infection in Pennsylvania has flattened somewhat, officials said, but a surge is still coming: "We need to buckle down and recommit ourselves to eliminating as much contact as we can with people outside our homes," Gov. Wolf said.

New Jersey moves presidential primary to July amid coronavirus

New Jersey will postpone its presidential primary to July 7, according to two people familiar with the matter. The state’s primary was originally scheduled for June 2.

Amid hopes of a coronavirus curve flattening, officials warn not to get complacent

As the U.S. anticipates weeks of rising death tolls ahead, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said it was no time to “take our foot off the gas," and Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine declared it a "critically important" time in the fight.

Gov. Murphy warns crisis could extend into summer; Trump declares Del. a disaster area; ex-Eagles kicker dies of coronavirus

As the country spends another weekend indoors making homemade face masks and bracing for rising death counts, President Trump is pushing for live sports to resume soon. Meanwhile, the number of dead in New Jersey due to the coronavirus exceeds the total from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

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The differing approaches of governors Andrew Cuomo, Tom Wolf, and Phil Murphy to the pandemic

Armed with expansive emergency powers, the region's governors have become must-see-TV in the battle of a lifetime.

Medical equipment needed as pandemic surge nears; Americans brace for ‘hardest and saddest’ week of their lives

The number of people who died from COVID-19 continued its relentless rise in the Garden and Keystone states on Sunday

Facebook ‘sick prank’ falsely reported Camden County police officer has died from the coronavirus

Scrolling through Facebook after dinner Saturday, Sheri Walsh saw the post saying her husband, Craig, was dead. She took immediate action to correct the record.

The coronavirus surge is coming: Racing for supplies, Pa. hopes to avoid disaster and N.J. fears it’s here

Four weeks in, with the pandemic’s likely peak weeks away, no treatment, and no vaccine — and with just days to prepare — governmental and health officials are trying to amass the supplies they believe will give them a shot at slowing the coronavirus’ grim toll.

As COVID-19 crisis deepens, out-of-state patients seek help at Philadelphia hospitals

Patients who are very ill with the coronavirus infection can quickly take a turn for the worse, making long journeys dangerous, medical experts say. Still, hospitals are required to care for all patients seeking treatment.

Flags are lowered for New Jersey dead; Gov. Wolf, feds recommend wearing cloth masks

As the number of new cases climbed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy said his state may be only about a week behind New York, where nearly 3,000 people have died.