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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy wants to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent offenders

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Thursday pressed the Legislature to enact criminal justice reforms recommended by a state commission.

N.J. lawmakers’ lame duck session could see action on recreational pot, tax incentives, and plastic bag ban

New Jersey lawmakers have started their lame-duck session. Expect backroom deals and votes on high profile issues.

The blue wave skips New Jersey as Democrats lose legislative seats

It was a good night for New Jersey Republicans. They could claim as many as four new seats when the new legislative session opens next year.

Democrats suffer a setback in New Jersey as Republicans win battleground legislative districts

Tuesday’s losses dampened the momentum Democrats gained in the 2018 midterm elections.

Democrat Jeff Van Drew voted against the Trump impeachment inquiry. ‘We’re coming for him,’ New Jersey activists vow.

The congressman said his vote didn’t come easy. Progressives in his district aren’t sympathetic. “It was the last straw,” said one. "He doesn't represent me."

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy made more than $2 million last year, records show

It was a relatively lean year for Gov. Phil and Tammy Murphy, former Goldman Sachs executives, in 2018. They made $2.2 million.

Top New Jersey races to watch in the 2019 election

Turnout is expected to be low, common for an off-year election without a governor’s race and with Assembly races at the top of the ballot.

What happened to a trans inmate who said he was dehumanized at a Philly jail

Guards in Philadelphia’s only female jail use pepper spray more than twice as often as it’s used in male facilities.

Federal judge halts New Jersey 'dark money’ law

In issuing an injunction, a federal judge said he found the law "constitutionally troubling."

Nancy Pelosi to New Jersey Democrats: Impeachment inquiry of Trump is an ‘obligation’

Pelosi strayed from her prepared remarks to say that pursuing the inquiry was "a difficult decision." Presidential candidate Cory Booker also spoke at the New Jersey Democratic State Committee conference.