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Stars of ‘L.A. Law’ and ‘Hart to Hart’ are on stage locally this week | Theater Beat

Harry Hamlin and Stefanie Powers co-star in the drama "One November Yankee" at Delaware Theater Company through Nov. 10.

Attention, ‘Les Mis’ fans: Broadway’s Young Cosette is singing on stage in Bucks County

Also in this week's "Theater Beat": Two Barrymore-recommended productions that are on stage now, and talking with "Dance Nation's" Suli Holum about being 13 again.

On stage at 1812 Productions: Two women in their 50s. Why that’s more radical than it should be.

Also in this week's Theater Beat: A "Rent" homecoming for two local actors, and extra time to see "Ragtime."

Theatre Horizon’s young new artistic director is a rising star nationally

Nell Bang-Jensen succeeds company cofounder and artistic director Erin Reilly, part of a generational shift now going on at regional theaters across the country.

Bristol Riverside Theatre’s longtime leaders are stepping down

Founding Director Susan D. Atkinson and Artistic Director Keith Baker will both leave at the end of the 2019-20 season.

‘Ragtime,’ Irish plays (and beer), and more. This week in Theater Beat.

We talk with Nkrumah Gatling, who plays pianist Coalhouse Walker Jr. in Arden Theatre's "Ragtime." We also catch up with renowned Philly playwright Ed Shockley.

Stop rehearsal: We’re laughing too hard. Behind the scenes at Steve Martin’s ‘Meteor Shower’ at Walnut Street Theatre

Also this week in Philly theater: Putting on a play at a law firm, and Fringe Festival picks from actor Walter DeShields

Fire alarm forces Tribe of Fools to take their show (and giant talking Wawa hoagie) outside

Big news: A talking hoagie escaped onto the streets of Philadelphia during an entirely unplanned dramatic finish to Tribe of Fools' Sunday afternoon performance of Operation: Wawa Road Trip.

The Fringe Festival returns this week

Rivers mix anguish into their waters. What do those words mean to you? A drowning? A separation – perhaps the Rio Grande? In pain unbearable, did someone jump?