Elizabeth Wellington is the lifestyle columnist at The Philadelphia Inquirer and Inquirer.com. She muses about all things fashion, lifestyle and pop-culture.

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Drawings of Joan Shepp’s grandson are at the center of a luxe designer’s iconic scarf | Elizabeth Wellington

Jesse Weinstein's drawings retail around the world for well over $1,000 apiece.


After 12 rounds of chemotherapy, trailblazing model Pat Cleveland shares her tips for survival | Elizabeth Wellington

Pat Cleveland, a pioneering African American model, is surviving colon cancer. We chatted with her about the secret to endurance and how fashion helped her maintain inner and outer beauty during the dark days of chemo.


Who uses pads and tampons? Menstrual products set out to challenge our notions about periods | Elizabeth Wellington

I applaud Always for its bravery. When a bottom line is driven by inclusivity, that’s a win for everyone.


Before he was Ice Cube’s dad in ‘Friday,’ actor John Witherspoon taught us it was important to ‘co-OR-DIN-ate.’ | Elizabeth Wellington

If Bill Cosby’s Cliff Huxtable was the spit-shined, expensive-sweater-wearing, aspirational dad we dreamed of back in the day, then Witherspoon was his cantankerous, over-the-top, polyester-wearing antithesis in our lives.

The Four Seasons had me at Angela Bassett-inspired facial | Elizabeth Wellington

If the 61-year-old red carpet diva who defines #aginggoals uses it (she does), please sign me up.


How this Germantown fashionista expanded her uptown boutique into Fashion District downtown | Elizabeth Wellington

Shani Newton's Dolly’s Boutique is one of four homegrown businesses that The Fashion District is incubating and marketing in its special Uniquely Philly section of the mall.


6 Things I learned from my BFF-in-my-head Tracee Ellis Ross | Elizabeth Wellington

She chatted it up with Good Day Philadelphia co-anchor Alex Holley dropping wisdom on the importance of trusting your gut, daydreaming while hand-washing dishes (she doesn’t have a dishwasher!), and what it really means to be innovative.

Some say Temple T-shirts ignore the significance of actual historically black colleges

The controversy surfaced long-held debates about the pros and cons of attending each kind of university and, some say, ignored how HBCUs came to be.

New York’s long-running old-school hip-hop dance party is coming to Philly

The Freedom Party is New York City’s longest running old-school hip-hop dance party, and for the first time, it’s hopping aboard the Moshulu.


This Pa. woman has 3,000 handbags, ranging from cheap knock-offs to $100,000

Ilene Wood is a hoarder in the most haute sense. A mere 300 of her handbags will be on display at the Historic Bethlehem Museum & Sites from Oct. 11 to April 30.