Elizabeth Wellington is the lifestyle columnist at The Philadelphia Inquirer and Inquirer.com. She muses about all things fashion, lifestyle and pop-culture.

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I got an IV drip to help with my cramps. And I can’t believe it worked. | Elizabeth Wellington

What hospital patients get everyday is becoming a luxe service.


This Philadelphia designer is making menswear more relaxed | Elizabeth Wellington

Let’s face it: Relaxed menswear causes more problems than solutions.

Father’s Day quiz: What kind of socks should you buy your dad?

Fashion has dictated that it’s time for men to say bye-bye to the boring white or basic black sock. But what kind of funky socks are perfect for the dad in your life?


It’s official: Science has proven that black doesn’t crack | Elizabeth Wellington

Thanks to a Rutgers New Jersey Medical School study, grandma’s quip is truer than ever. And the reasons are far deeper than the melanin that helps darker skin from the ultra violet rays that lead to wrinkles. It goes right on down to the bone.

This man got a grave medical diagnosis. So what did he do? Ride his bike cross-country.

Disability advocate Kyle Bryant has published a new book, Shifting Into High Gear: One Man’s Grave Diagnosis And The Epic Bike Ride That Taught Him What Matters.


Philly's newest mural comes courtesy of the artist who famously painted Michelle Obama

Najee Spencer-Young gets the Michelle Obama treatment from famed artist Amy Sherald.


Rihanna is joining a luxury fashion house. But does Rihanna need luxe, or does luxe need Rihanna? | Elizabeth Wellington

Rihanna is making fashion history. Fenty, Rihanna’s womenswear line, has joined the likes of Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy under the vast LVMH umbrella (ella ella ella).

The beach hats, sunglasses, slides, and bags you need to accessorize your summer outfits | Elizabeth Wellington

Having a fabulous swimsuit isn't enough: Here are the best beach and pool fashion accessories for summer.

These swimsuits will give life to your Jersey Shore look | Elizabeth Wellington

Are you still sporting the same tankini you wore to the beach in the '90s? Time for a swimsuit update. Our guide to the best looks this summer.