Elizabeth Wellington is the lifestyle columnist at The Philadelphia Inquirer and Inquirer.com. She muses about all things fashion, lifestyle and pop-culture.

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Our aspirations haven’t changed, but COVID-19 has made us redefine how we get there

“If you are still here, you still need to dream,” said Heather Coletti. “You need to have a reason to get up every morning. Basic survival doesn’t feed you."

How to support trans people in Philly, according to trans people

So what can you do to better support trans people in Philadelphia? We asked four trans activists what they want you to know about their experiences and what true support means to them.

What to do if you feel intimidated at the polls

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about your voter safety this year. We urge you to take this to the ballot as you exercise your right to vote

No, there’s no coronavirus grace period for expired Pa. car registrations

“Is it true that PennDOT is not giving out temporary license plates because of COVID-19 and do we have a grace period when it comes to getting our car registered?” a reader asked.

When you are interrupted, how to be heard

We all have to do better if we want to be heard. Here are some ways we can deal with interruptions, whether we are the interrupted or the interrupter.

When should we mind our business right now? Here’s how to decide.

Never have we felt so entitled to poke our nose in grown folks' business for the sake of our well-being. But when is it appropriate to butt in? Here are some questions to ask yourself.


How to show compassion for Trump — even if you don’t like him | Elizabeth Wellington

In this time where politics feels so poisonous, is it possible to find compassion for Trump right now? Is it worth it? Here’s why — and how — we should try.

Don’t unfriend someone who isn’t going to vote. Here’s how to engage them.

How should we deal with friends and family who are choosing not to vote? Read on to find out how you might preserve your relationships — and your sanity.

What should we do with our anger right now?

The state of the world has us angry, enraged almost. Here is what we can about it.

Our indulgences have become more about self-care than spending. Picture a future of lattes, not luxury.

During a time when taking care of basic needs comes with risk, even small indulgent rituals, like frothing our own milk for a home latte, really feels like a special occasion.