Aubrey covers the opioid epidemic in the Philadelphia region.

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As pandemic started, U.S. fatal overdoses soared in the first quarter of 2020, new data show

The new figures cover preliminary reports of fatal overdoses around the country from January through March — when the first lockdowns prompted by the coronavirus pandemic began.

Against the backdrop of a celebrated statue, West Philadelphians rally against gun violence - and to get out the vote

“We’re demanding to put the guns down. We’re demanding our neighbors vote for change. We’re voting to change white supremacy in the White House, to recognize that Black voices matter.”

‘He makes it into a joke’: For Philly COVID-19 patients, Trump’s cavalier attitude stings

Trump's coronavirus treatment and cavalier attitude stings ordinary patients and doctors. His experience also speaks to the vast social, racial, and economic inequities in American health care.

You aren’t the only one who’s been drinking more since the pandemic began. Especially if you’re a woman.

Interviewing adults between 30 and 80 in May and June, researchers found that people’s frequency of alcohol consumption had increased by 14% on average since 2019.

Breonna Taylor protesters in Center City occupy I-95, mix it up with motorists, then head through South Philly

About 100 marchers first forced a portion of I-95 to shut down, before marching throughout South Philly.

Myths about fentanyl spread more prolifically online than articles correcting them, study finds

“Fentanyl is scary enough without making stuff up," said the study's lead author.

Addiction to opioids and tobacco increases risk for COVID-19, study finds

The study found that people diagnosed with substance use disorder in the last year were significantly more likely to develop COVID-19 than someone without a recent diagnosis.

Pandemic precautions will be with us for a while. Here’s what the next 6 months will be like, according to Philly COVID-19 experts.

With more than a half-year of COVID-19 behind us, we look ahead. From treatments to vaccines, racial disparities to protective gear, immunity to nursing, here are trends to look for.

Homeless encampment residents and supporters vow to defend sites, city’s next steps unclear as camps remain occupied after eviction deadline

“In terms of the fight for housing, this is one of the biggest ever," said a Villanova Law fellow who helped organize a lawsuit that sought to halt the evictions. “The nation is watching.”

After deadline passes for homeless encampments to clear out, city won’t say what’s next on Parkway and at PHA

Officials decline to specify what’s next in the continuing stand-off among activists, encampment organizers, the city, and the homeless occupants.