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Philly area’s top stocks: Which public companies thrived - or took a dive - during the pandemic?

Inovio, a vaccine chaser, topped the list, while small regional banks dropped to the bottom.

Coronavirus death toll may be undercounted by thousands in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

An Inquirer analysis suggests that the Pa. and N.J. death counts from coronavirus are undercounting fatalities.

More Americans are leaving home as the pandemic wears on, cell phone data show

New data show some Americans are starting to travel further from home amid the pandemic.

DoorDash is the fastest growing meal delivery business during coronavirus lock down

DoorDash has pulled ahead in the Philadelphia market, too, data says.

Cell phone records show dramatic drop in regional travel outside Philly after governor’s COVID-19 order

Experts offered possible explanations for why Philadelphians are moving more than those in the suburbs, ranging from its poverty level to merely having a larger population. The city also has more hourly workers, such as grocery store clerks who have to be at work.

The latest unemployment figures look bad. The reality is likely worse.

One reason for the apparent lag in the federal figures is that they may reflect the numbers processed, as opposed to the numbers filed.

Philly’s new normal? From the airport to the Acme, foot traffic shows a changed city.

Notable places in Philadelphia can be either busy or abandoned as the coronavirus pandemic changes how we get through the day.

Philly restaurant scene hummed above national rates until the pandemic chased away the customers

Restaurant visits started to sink in many American cities by March 9 — for some cities even earlier — but reservations didn’t crash in Philadelphia for another three days.

Philly gave away 2,300 properties for $1 each. Now it is owed nearly $900,000 in back taxes.

As Philadelphia’s population shrunk and property values declined, the city gave away houses and lots for $1. Today, hundreds of thousands in taxes are overdue.