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As expanded eligibility looms, Philadelphia races to vaccinate more than half its senior population

About 37% of people age 65 and older in Philadelphia, which has the largest share of senior citizens among America’s largest cities, have been fully vaccinated.

More transmissible coronavirus variants on the rise in Pa. and N.J., as case counts keep going up

While the variants may spread more easily, a Drexel researcher is among experts that blame much the rise in cases on people relaxing precautions.

Corporations recoil from eight Pa. GOP vote ‘objectors,’ suspending their money

In the aftermath of violence last week, about three dozen firms have taken steps to suspend campaign donations. An Inquirer analysis looks at the impact on the Pennsylvania congressional delegation.

Comcast among U.S. companies taking a tough line on campaign donations after election challenge, Capitol takeover

Other large firms, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and, locally, the Vanguard Group, halted all political contributions to both Republicans and Democrats.

A Bucks County Trump supporter posted about a 1776-style revolution during Capitol riot. Then, he was arrested.

Thirteen Pennsylvanians and one man from South Jersey were arrested by Capitol Police or the Washington D.C. authorities in the wake of Wednesday's insurrection.

Stimulus bill could be sending about $36 billion to Pa., including gifts to breweries, racetracks, and other special interests

The bill has several benefits, including tax breaks for alcohol and craft beer industries, racetracks, filmmakers, and other niche industries, but the president has hinted he might veto it.

Philadelphia Airport prepares for a bump in holiday travelers over Christmas week

American Airlines cut four flights to Europe due to low demand. The CDC continues to recommend that staying home and postponing trips is the best way to avoid becoming infected with COVID-19.

The coronavirus pandemic is killing people with diabetes or Alzheimer’s who didn’t even contract the virus

From year to year, U.S. death counts for Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes have been remarkably consistent. Until this year.

Massive influx of coronavirus-relief money saves jobs throughout Philly region

The findings demonstrate the vital role played by PPP in protecting workers’ livelihoods and keeping the economy afloat in the pandemic’s initial onslaught.

SBA loan forgiveness prompts relief, but also confusion about timeline and rules

But business owners may want to wait and see before applying for loan forgiveness by the Oct. 31 deadline.