Anthony R. Wood

Anthony R. Wood

Tony Wood has been writing about weather and the atmosphere for The Inquirer for more than 25 years.

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Why is it raining so much? Twisters, downpours, iPhone alerts: the harvest of a wild spring.

It didn't rain every day this spring; just two-thirds of them. The region has been stuck in a pattern that in winter might produce a harvest of snow. Friday brings a not-so-fond farewell to spring on the first day of summer.

Did the Diamondbacks-Phillies home-run bash get a lift from the atmosphere?

An invisible force might have helped the Phillies and Diamondbacks set a home-run record Monday night.

If you can’t stand the heat, you probably won’t like the summer outlook

The seasonal outlooks are calling for above normal temperatures this summer. For now all this rain is having at least one benign effect, but meteorologists say that will end.

Rain records fall in Pa., N.J. as nation marks its wettest year on record

Rain, rain doesn't go away: The nation just experienced its wettest 12-month period on record, according to the government. And both New Jersey and Pennsylvania had all-time highs for precipitation for any June-May period.

In wild run of weather, tornadoes set U.S. record; subject to change

In what has been a wild run of severe weather, for 12 consecutive days the government’s Storm Prediction Center has logged reports of at least eight tornadoes. That's a destructive and impressive streak that constitutes a record — but that could change.

Sunday tornado confirmed at Bucks County campground; Pa. exceeds annual twister average

It wasn’t much, and it didn’t last long, but National Weather Service investigators have confirmed that a tornado touched down Sunday at the Beaver Valley Campgrounds in the Ottsville section of Tinicum Township, Bucks County.

Atlantic hurricane season has its first named storm; yes, it’s early

It’s not a hall-of-fame candidate, or a harbinger, but Andrea gets the jump on the hurricane season, which begins June 1.

Summer warm-ups: Highs in the mid-80s. Rip-current forecasts. Tropical storm brewing?

Temperatures are heading to late-June levels; the weather service is issuing rip-current advisories; and the hurricane center says a tropical storm might be brewing. Yes, summer is coming.

Mother’s Day soaker due. It’s not just us: Wet across the country; drought conditions mighty scarce.

Up to 2 inches of rain possible Saturday night into Monday. Meanwhile, the Friday rain streaks continue, and drought becomes scarce across the country.

Most warnings are false alarms, but tornado watches get attention — with good reason

Tornado "warnings" well outnumber actual tornado sightings in the Philadelphia region. Blame the limits of science, and expect more "false alarms."