Anthony R. Wood

Anthony R. Wood

When time allows, I write about where we all live — the atmosphere.

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Hurricane forecasts again looking ominous for coastal residents, property owners, and U.S. taxpayers

Tropical storms, including Fay and Isais, which set off flooding and knocked out power in the Philadelphia region, set records last year and forecasters see another active season.

Chilly home opener for Phillies with strong winds, wintry temperatures, and not much body heat

When the Phillies open the season, Citizens Bank Park will feel more like the Linc in January. Don't expect to see a lot of homers.

More than 100 wind-damage reports but no tornadoes in Philly region; cool weather for Phillies’ opener

Winds could gust to 30 mph with temperatures in the 40s for the Phillies' home opener Thursday.

Philly breaks a 100-year-old record with a high of 83, winds gust past 55 mph

Strong storms are possible Sunday, especially to the south of the city.

Century old high temperature record broken in Philly, gust to continue into the night

High winds could cause problems for motorists and bring down some power lines. It will be warm, but check out 1921.

After rains set a daily record in Philly, allergy sufferers might be getting a break, and it might hit 80 Friday

The 1.34 inches measured officially beat the old record set in 1989 by a tenth of an inch. A taste of summer could be coming Friday.

Why are potholes such a perpetual problem? Weather, poor road maintenance, and randomness.

Patching potholes is akin to putting Band-Aids on gaping wounds, experts say.

It's Equinox Day. Here's how spring energizes humans and the atmosphere.

Spring, alternately brilliant and gloomy, tranquil and volatile, arrived officially at 5:37 a.m. EDT Saturday.

After soaking rains in Philly and a brief return to winter, expect a warm spring, forecasters say

After a weekend chill, a warmup is due, and forecasts call for above-normal temperatures for the next three months.

A rare March dry spell in Philly — good for roads, not for the woods — is ending

The March dry spell is the fourth-longest since 1874. The wildfire danger is over for now.