Anthony R. Wood

Anthony R. Wood

Tony Wood writes about the weather, the wonderfully erratic behavior of the atmosphere, and other topics that might rival them in interest.

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Heavy blossom alert: 50 mph wind gusts could send them flying

Strong storms are possible Thursday, and next two weeks looking chilly.

As coronavirus death numbers reach new highs, city warns of ‘painful cuts.’ But curves might be flattening.

While the case numbers are increasing at nearly the rate they were, the death tolls keep climbing.

N.J. death toll climbs past 350; field hospitals in the works for Philadelphia

While the deaths and case numbers keep rising, an analysis of New Jersey showed that the curve might be flattening slightly in the Garden State.

N.J. reports 72 more coronavirus deaths; Philadelphia adds 5, and it’s still uncertain when the peak might hit

The White House says 100,000 or more could die from the virus across the country, but computer modeling is imperfect, and it isn't possible to predict when the coronavirus wave might crest.

White House approves Pa. disaster declaration request; Wolf extends stay-at-home order; schools closed indefinitely

At they prepared for a surge of cases, Pa. and N.J. officials offered at least slivers of optimism, saying that continued social distancing could stave off a hospital-capacity crisis.

Seven new coronavirus deaths in Philly region; N.J. toll climbs past 60

Cases keep growing, along with the economic fallout as the region remains in an unprecedented state of shutdown.

Snowless Philly winter evidently good for Arctic ice

It was so warm around here because it was so cold up there.

3 shot and critically wounded in Tioga-Nicetown

The incident occurred late Saturday afternoon. No arrests had been made.