Mark Zandi, For The Inquirer

Mark Zandi is the chief economist at Moody's Analytics.

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Moody’s Mark Zandi says the U.S. needs to spend big and fast to avoid falling back into recession

Lawmakers should err on the side of a rescue package that is bigger than may ultimately be needed. as this may be the only window they will have to pass legislation to support the economy again until after the presidential inauguration in January. That’s a very long time while engulfed in a crisis.

Some positive economic outcomes have occurred amid the pandemic but Congress needs to do more now to avoid setbacks

Congress needs to help state and local governments that are hemorrhaging red ink and provide more support to businesses and to unemployed and financially stressed people. Most importantly, Congress needs to act before its August recess.


The U.S. economy could see a double-dip recession if Trump administration, Congress fail to act

With no engine of growth on the other side of the business reopenings, the responsibility to ensure the economy avoids a double-dip recession later this year rests on the Trump administration and Congress.

Why the U.S. economy won’t fully recover until the mid-2020s, says Moody’s Mark Zandi

A necessary condition is a vaccine, which seems on track for mid next year, experts say. Until then, any economic recovery will remain a slog, characterized by halting growth and high single-digit unemployment. And even then, the economy won’t fully recover until mid-decade.

Coronavirus is slamming the U.S. economy, but right government response can soften the blow

Things do appear bleak for now, but government at all levels is stepping up in a big way and that will significantly cushion the economic blow.


Coronavirus: Just a body blow, or a black swan for the economy? | Opinion

COVID-19 came out of nowhere. It may be what economists call a black swan — a rare and inherently unforeseeable event with severe consequences.

Why is Philadelphia’s poverty rate sky high, and what can be done about it? | Mark Zandi

Close to one-fourth of Philadelphia residents have incomes below the poverty line — an astounding figure.


Here’s who will win the presidency in 2020 and what factors could change the outcome | Opinion

The important thing isn’t whether the president is popular or not, but whether the candidate's popularity is rising or falling when people go to the polls. Pennsylvania will be the most critically important in determining our next president. And results will boil down to turnout in a few counties.


With recession fears looming, how should you invest your money? | Mark Zandi

What about the stock market? If you are less than 50 years old, then absolutely yes.


Mr. President, a tweet could end your trade war and avoid recession. But hurry. | Opinion

The risks of recession could be dispelled quickly if President Trump were to strike some kind of face-saving arrangement with President Xi of China to de-escalate the trade war.