Mark Zandi is the chief economist at Moody's Analytics.

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A U.S. recession is a possible scenario if the trade war with China escalates

Just a few weeks ago, expectations were strong that an agreement ending the war, or at least putting it on hold, was imminent. But suddenly a number of darker scenarios seem possible, even one in which we suffer a recession.

Why Trump is wrong in blaming the Fed for his failure to achieve promised economic growth

Last year’s growth was temporarily juiced up by deficit-financed tax cuts. That is, the U.S. Treasury borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars more from global investors to cut a big check to corporations and mostly high-income and wealthy households.

The Fed didn’t cause the stock market carnage. President Trump’s ‘wrongheaded’ policies did

Moody's chief economist Mark Zandi argues that the President couldn’t be more wrong about his diagnosis of what ails the stock market. The problem isn’t the Fed, it's him.

Trump's tariffs imperil the global economy and distract from real issues with China

Picking a fight over steel and aluminum distracts attention from the real battleground with China: intellectual property rights, including in high-technology and financial services, movies and music. We need to make sure the Chinese play fair on those issues.