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Systemic racism is a public health issue. Community health workers are proven to help.

Treating race inequities like a public health problem requires specific actions, and mobilizing community health workers is one example.

Coronavirus means kids’ fitness routines have changed, leaving them vulnerable to weight gain, obesity

The pandemic has disrupted normal physical activities for kids, creating concerns about increases in overweight and obese children. Experts describe how families and youth sports can safely promote exercise and physical activity during the pandemic.

Coronavirus contact tracing raises concerns about digital privacy

COVID-19 is the first pandemic in the digital era. Digital health solutions, including smartphone applications, have been developed to respond to the pandemic. Despite their promise, digital privacy remains an area of concern.

Philly kids and adults are skipping routine immunizations, even as search for COVID-19 vaccine goes on

Children and adults have fallen behind schedule for routine yet critical immunizations while they were quarantined at home, sparking concern for potential outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses.

Coronavirus cases rise in states with relaxed face mask policies

COVID-19 rates have been rising in some states in the United States, and there is cause for concern that variations in face mask policies is contributing to the increases.

Emerging threat to coronavirus patients: ‘Superinfections’ with drug-resistant bacteria

A potential treatment for COVID-19 also may predispose future risk of superinfections.

CHOP doctors’ prescription for a safer summer: masks, off-peak beach visits, lots of hand washing

“This is not the time to be on the boardwalk at the height of activity."

How coronavirus and civil unrest put children’s health at risk

Organizations are just starting to address the traumatic impacts of the pandemic and civil unrest on children.