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Gun violence takes center stage in powerful ‘On the Exhale’ at Theater Exile

Suli Holum is riveting in this solo show that explores the urgent topic of our times.

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‘Dance Nation’ at Wilma Theater: An entertaining look at the fierce, shy world of the 13-year-old girl

A team of young dancers is preparing to compete, and they want to win. They also want to “dance away” all the suffering of humanity. They want and want and want.

Peter Dinklage is Cyrano, and more to see in New York theater this month | Broadway Beat

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Bertolt Brecht’s 1941 parody feels very 2019 in Lantern Theater’s new show

'The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui' is a demagogue-bashing piece of weaponized theater.

Broadway Beat | Here are fall’s hot new productions, and two weeks of two-for-one deals

"Moulin Rouge!" and Percy Jackson's "Lightning Thief" are two red-hot musicals. Tom Hiddleston is in Pinter's "Betrayal." Lin-Manuel Miranda does improv.

PAC’s ‘Sea Voyage’ at Independence Seaport Museum: Pirates, mayhem, humor, sex — and a very game cast

The Fringe Festival play revels in the reversal of traditional gender jokes about sexual appetite.

London theater this summer: John Malkovich in David Mamet’s ‘Bitter Wheat’

The Harvey Weinstein scandal through a Mamet lens, with Malovich in a fat suit.