Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Confidential Tips

Have a tip for us?

You can help our journalists investigate stories that need to be told. If you have important information the public deserves to know — like knowledge of serious wrongdoing, corruption, or illegal or unethical activity — we want to hear from you.

We’re committed to serving the public interest and protecting the anonymity of those willing to come forward.

What makes a good news tip

For our journalists, a good news tip is specific and relies on clear evidence, not just a hunch or speculation. Documentation — such as emails, memos, videos, photos, or other records — and details of the alleged wrongdoing are critical.

We're looking for tips that are newsworthy, with real-world consequences.

If you’re looking to send us feedback, news releases, or other story ideas, please do not use these channels. Instead, you can visit our contact page or reach out to our reporters directly.

Why submit a tip confidentially?

We understand that you may be risking retaliation or other consequences by coming forward. But by using protected lines of communication, you will be able to reduce the risk of sharing important information with us, allowing reporters to pursue stories that need to be told.

When working with a confidential source, our agreement to protect a source’s identity is our bond and we will do everything we can to uphold that agreement.

Please contact us or send us information through the protected means below. Our team also welcomes direct contact if you’d like to speak on- or off-the-record.

How to submit a tip

No communication channel is completely secure, but the options below offer more security than other methods of communication. We will review these messages on a regular basis, but cannot guarantee each message will receive a response.

Text or call us using Signal

Calls and text messages made using Signal, a free messaging app, are end-to-end encrypted. That means no one else, including Signal, can see your text messages or calls. While it does store your phone number, the app retains no metadata surrounding your communications and allows messages to self-destruct. Signal is available for Android and iOS. Once you download the Signal app to your mobile phone, you can text or call us at 206-850-1754.

Send us mail

You can send us mail to the address below. To protect your anonymity, we recommend that you use a public mailbox, not a post office, and do not provide a return address on the outside of the envelope. If you’re willing to be contacted, please include a return address or a Signal phone number inside the envelope.

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