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🚗 Confounding: Philly’s thousands of abandoned cars are taking a back seat on the city’s agenda.

🗑️ Encouraging: In Kensington, “Ya Fav Trashman” led a unique Earth Day observance.

📕 Disappointing: The beloved Shakespeare & Co. bookstore and cafe in Rittenhouse Square is closing.

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Philly is sitting on a backlog of 34,000 abandoned cars

🎤 And now, I’m passing the mic to reporter Max Marin to present our story he crafted with reporter Ryan Briggs:

I started noticing more abandoned cars during the pandemic — world-weary junkers left for dead around my area of Kensington. My neighbors and I would file 311 claim after 311 claim, but months and months would go by with no response. It turned out we weren’t alone.

This deep dive came out of an ongoing probe into the state of basic city services in Philadelphia. Nearly every one of them has suffered in the last two years. We’ve reported on widespread street light outages that spread darkness over the city, increasing delays in police response times, and even bugs with the city’s 311 app for reporting quality-of-life problems.

It’s easy to brush these nuisances aside amid a profound gun violence crisis. But as many residents have told me in recent weeks: That abandoned car sitting on the street sends a clear message — that the city does not care. Luckily, with mayoral and City Council elections on the horizon next year, lawmakers are training their sights on these bread-and-butter issues again, calling for more resources to get the blighted cars off the streets.

You can read more about this here.

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❓Pop Quiz❓

What is still an illegal move to make down the Shore?

A) Beachspreading

B) Smoking marijuana or hashish on the boardwalk

C) Starting a water fight at the water squirt gun place

D) Tanning and doing laundry BEFORE going to the gym

Find out if you know the answer.

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